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When Children Suffer for the Sins of Adults

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-The first image referenced in the Vatican pedophilia.
-The second image the child sexual abuse in tourism in Thailand.
-The third refers to the war in Syria.
-The fourth image refers to trafficking in organs on the black market, where most of the victims are children of poor countries.
-The fifth refers to free U.S. weapons.
-The sixth image refers to obesity, blaming the big fast food companies

This is great art, raising awareness - for me too serious to "like" it. Extremely powerful, no lengthy diatribe is necessary. Though it's quite painful to see!!! This is the dark face of the world.

Do you hate the premise of these images? .. Dramatising human issues through religious imagery?

I think that people are equating crucifixion with Christ only, forgetting that crucifixion was one of the main ways that people were tortured to death under the Roman empire. Jesus was not the only person to be crucified - he is just one of the only people we remember. I am not sure that the artist is "blaming" Christianity for anything in any way at all. (Perhaps the crucifixion imagery is being used to emphasize the innocence of the children/their "martyrdom," if it is being used as a Christ reference at all?)


Crucifixion is a method of deliberately slow and painful execution in which the condemned person is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross and left to hang until dead... Hence, all these children represent the many that have been some what crucified in the name of religion, pedophilia, war, organ trafficking, gun and of course last but not least fast food corporations... So, as disturbing as it may be this has been a very powerful to the point statement, that in my opinion has nıthing to do with Christ or Christianity in the sense. If the only thing that some people can see is a crucifix, then I think they have a religious fixation. The crucifixion is symbolic people. Has nothing with religion or Christianity. 

Crucifixion is a metaphor for someone's life being taken for something.

The installation has nothing to do with portrayal of Jesus. It has a reference to the death of (specific) human vice, but its all that it has in common with Crucifix. Devotionally, you really shouldn't become a kind of a Pavlov's dog, reacting to stimuli, here - a shape that is meant to convey a similar meaning of unjust and grotesque death.

They're just showing the crosses some people and children have to bare as a result of the modern day political religions!

We need a 7th image referring to the Palestinian children killed by Israeli army, and an eight one killing the children of Afghanistan and Pakistan by the US soldiers.

No children suffering from the IMF and its austerity miracles to children allover the world? You forgot the kids forced to work at very young age. And the girls married at 10 or stoned/burried alive usually in hardcore Muslim families. But excellent art anyway.

This isn't blasphemous at all... I think the point of it was to say that like Jesus the people who died were innocent. The global society (and that means ALL of us through sins of commission or omission) have sacrificed our innocent children to the sins of hate, greed and lust.The point of the picture is to say that these children's sacrifice are a catalyst to do something, just as jesus's death was a catalyst for Christianity.

Thought provoking...until the last one. Kind of dumbed it down for me. Something on child domestic violence would've been more fitting.

Ronald Mcdonald? Really? Should we blame the fast food industry for obesity in children? Children don't walk up to Mcdonalds themselves nor do they pay for it. The parents, yes them you can blame. Plus its a disease not like these other examples you showed. Ever heard of pester power that's kids use to get fast food? Only a parent truly understands this.

I don't agree with the sixth one. The only argument I have is the idea that fast food companies are to blame for obesity. That suggests that humans are incapable of making choices. I thought parents were supposed to guide their children in watching what they eat. And now I know there are children out there who don't have parents but I bet you anything those children don't have enough money to afford McDonald's. 

Though some parents are just too lazy and stupid to provide any guidance to their children, the last pic is bullshit! No one forces you to go to MacDollar! Fat people are responsible for their own appetite. However, if a drug dealer were allowed to brainwash children in multiple media into buying toys from him (with their drugs) would you still blame the mothers?

Vatican pedophilia???? Seriously? Dear artist, pedophilia is everywhere!!!! Maybe you should express it more truthfully! You have the rights to your opinions but it should be based on facts. And the fact is pedophilia is truly everywhere !! I would like to clarify that whilst some priests (a very small proportion in fact) have been involved in pedophilia, the vast majority are hard working individuals!  

However the pedophilia in a responsible religious organisation has zero tolerance. The church is supposed to be a haven and its members protectors of child safety. Though as you may put it a small number are guilty of this atrocity it is now well known that a large number of the members of the church including all the members at the head of the flock have been covering this up for centuries. 

It is so easy to make the mistake as you have done to try and clarify which is your like away the significance of these abuses. Those that play down, cover up and protect fellow members of their organisation hiding the abuse are siding with the abusers and in many cases allowing such abuses to continue. Those that are abused as well as the general public cannot distinguish between the pedophiles and their protectors or supporters. We can also add to the first one: 25.000 girls (age 4-17) per day being married away to men many times older than them all over the world. That too is pedophilia!!

The common theme is institutions which exploit children. If you choose to view the poster's interpretation of the priest as only relating to catholic pedophilia, that's fine, but art is bigger than that.

I think it's pretty harsh singling out Thailand in the second picture, there are many more countries with worse cases of this than Thailand. It's a real shame really that this story still looms over the country, when this really isn't the case at all nowadays.

The third ....
Not just Syria, it's any occupied country..Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Burma and the list goes on.

Where is Israel in all of that ???? Please do not forget our children in Palestine who are suffering from the Israel occupation.

We don't need guns. The vast majority of the world's DEMOCRACIES has stringent gun control. And yet, their democracies are in many ways healthier than ours proving that having guns does NOT equal liberty. At the same time, there were thousands of Americans have been killed by guns since the Newton shooting. The other democracies combined don't even come close to that number.

Thousands die from guns in this country and you never hear about it because of media, etc. Americans are killing more Americans than a terrorist could ever HOPE to kill. All in the name of our "democratic rights" to carry guns? Those things aren't protecting you.

Cultures are different and other languages are different, not every where on the planet thinks speaks or sees the world like America. The free in that sentence refers to freely available weapons, which is true of America, it has nothing to do with philosophical freedom, or monetary exchange, but how easy it is to get a weapon.

The faith community needs to stop covering-up for its army of sick perverts dressed in cassocks. Last year the Irish Republic permanently closed the doors to its Vatican embassy due to direct obstruction from the Vatican in its grand investigation to to the vast RC perverted priest & nun mafia that abused scores of thousands of innocent little children for decades. Sick!
We should redirect our wrath to the criminals and perverts lurking in our religious outfit. It's THEM that shame Christianity, blaspheme Jesus Christ and produce anti-religious reactions as we see above. Don't blame the people who expose these vile cabals, artists, messengers or especially the victims!


Not all surgeons steal organs, not all tourists rape little local girls and not everyone who eats fast food is obese.. Why are people so bent out of shape in regards to the priest.. Should be just as upset about the others too.. The piece is not stating that all priests rape little boys.. It is simply displaying some horrible events that have occurred in a rather dramatic and brilliant way.

The point of this picture is that just like Jesus Christ didn't deserve to die neither did this innocent children. But because of the sins of others he did. I see the sins of lust, greed, murder,and pure evil.
  The same idea is repeated over and over. From the point of view of creativity that is a question mark. Children were used to depict something about which they may have no idea. This is not very ethical either. It is also meaningless to target doctors, tourists or clergymen because criminals among them do not represent the entire communities. As a result, although it appears striking and consistent at the first blush, this is in fact a bit far fetched thus an example of lazy artistry. Not much better than making six simple statements in a row.

it may be lazy artistry. But it is also a striking way of showing the vulnerability of children. In my point of view the Pictures ought to be shown without the comments as of what the refer to. As simple as it is and or lazy as you may say it to be, it reaches a majority of people rather than an elite niche... there is always a better way of doing things, but some times the simplest most lazy things have the greatest impact.

A disturbing visual statement that hits to the core of world issues for children. It's the power of art at it's most profound and provocative. I just wish there was more we could do to change things. The problems seem over whelming!!! 

The corruption never ending...Money is the root of so many issues, evils as they say....poor verses rich. The people with money have the power to use and abuse the poor...It's equality of wealth and resources that the world needs to achieve, to prevent the needs of the poor , who just want to survive, either succumbing to or being forced to the meet the greedy, selfish, perverted appetite of the these rich people, who abuse and take advantage of them.

Many of the perpertrators are men's Education and the dispersing of cultural influences that support these men thinking that children and other people are just objects to be used, that is needed to weed this illness out at the root. The only way to eradicate the coruption (which sort of seems impossible at this stage) is education at the very basic level , in all schools from a young age. Anyone with power,money and /or influence over others requires a solid foundation from a young age in values that uphold and respect all other beings. This is the type of world all good people dream of ,and hope can one day be achieved! Reality begins with dreams, so it is said, so we can only hope that with enough awareness; spread by this sort of art , and the action it may provoke & invoke people to take when they are stirred and reminded of what the issues are faced by innocent and defenseless children .. will make changes and gradually move this world towards a better and safer place for young people.

The main point should be that someone is speaking out at all! To what kind of child abuse he or she refers is artwork and personal interpretation even though there are much more terrible things going on all over the world, no one denies that I think. So we should focus again on the general subject and be glad that there are people out there who call attention to disgusting things that happen to kids!

The certain issues going on in our world need to be brought to our awareness and if artists can do that and make us aware of the human misery in our world, at least our hearts and minds can focus to pray or bear pressure on world leaders. I object to art that makes hero,s out of murderers such as the image of Myra hindley created from children's hands.

All of us should talk about it, a handful of us ..must do something about it... We all know the children are the future of any existing civilization .. but we can't protect them, nurture them .. the way we should. This depiction is so heartbreaking as well as a reminders to us-the grown ups...who can actually make a difference in any child's life... 

This is a form of expression! The point is the innocence of the children, and the exploitation of adults, in this case all happen to be men. Please see it from the eyes of the artist, and the message it is conveying! I am very happy it is leaving a bad taste in your mouth! That means the message is getting through! Look at it again!

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