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Japan vs. Philippine Culture Showdown

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Which do you prefer?

Japan, country of disciplined people ,a modern country yet steeped in custom? or Philippines, a country of beautiful nature and a proud history with lots of cheerful and hospitable people?

  Japan, one of the most powerful country. A country with advanced technology, knowledge and a good army. However, famous for it being a target of earthquakes and tsunamis. Philippines, what can I say? It is without a doubt, a poor country. A tropical country frequently visited by typhoons and low pressure areas, causing floods on cities and provinces.
   Both countries suffered a lot but both refused to be cowed by the crushing force of nature. Both Japanese and Filipino people rises again, never giving up!

                                For the Japanese people, being calm and having poise is important.

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But to us Filipinos, happiness is power. No matter what catastrophes and challenges come,you can never break our smile and spirit.

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In Japan, "bowing" is an important form of etiquette. A sign of respect that is used in many ocassions.
  In comparison, "smiling", a gesture of saying "hello" is used in the Philippines as a way of delivering happiness even with strangers. Aside from smiling, Filipinos greet older people kissing their hands while saying "mano po". It is a basic but an important form of etiquette in the Philippines.


 In Japan, It is also a form of respect and is important to add suffixes to a person's name such as;
-san, -sama, -kun, -chan, -sensei and so on. 


While in the Philippines, it is also important to say "po" and "opo" especially to those who are older than you as a sign of formality and respect.


 On Special events such as Christmas and Valentines day, both countries differ greatly from their way of celebrating it.

Christmas for Filipinos are a family event. Filipino families get together. Family members from different places even OFW's visit Philippines to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. The presence of each family members are important in this event.


While Japanese people mostly spends Christmas with their loved ones. To them, Christmas is a quality time to be enjoyed by couples.


 During Valentines Day, both countries celebrates it at February 14. In Japan, this is an awaited event by females. Why? Because this event gives them chances to confess to their crush. This event is really important for males as well! waiting for the female's chocolate either home made or bought.  But wait, there are times when japanese males expect chocolate but ends up being disappointed. aww... too bad. >.< If the females give chocolate on this day, it is a tradition for a japanese male to give something in return a month after,on white day, March 14. 

Single people define it "normal day" in the Philippines. But of course, for Filipino couples out there, this day is a day of spending their time with their loved one. A day full of surprises not only for males but females as well. This day is a very "cheesy"day for Filipino couples.


These events are just examples to many events celebrated on both countries.  


 In Japan , the look of the food is really important. They believe that food is more fun to eat   when it looks good and properly designed. In the Philippines, compared to Japan. Our distinct cuisine come from the comfort food that reminds filipinos of Family, home and simple joys. To us, even when the worst of  the worst food is served, it becomes delicious when families or friends eat it together. 

There are a lot of those Japanese and Filipino cultures that proves how unique both countries are. 

After reading this, do you agree that..

The Philippines has a larger and more vigorous artistic community than any other Southeast Asian countries because of the influences from other countries.?

Don't be sad and jealous to Japanese culture. We have a very unique culture and we should be proud of it!

So... Which country's culture do you prefer? :)


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  1. Wow! your article is very informative and well written, by the way about your question can I choose both countries?

  2. Nice article Marissa!! It was very interesting and very worth reading for!! All of the traditions and facts were greatly said!


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