Thursday, August 22, 2013

It’s Just a Tie : Japanese Versus Filipino Culture

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Every country in the world has their own culture. If you live in a country that has no culture, will you still consider it as one?

As far as I know, you can state a country if they have their own culture, language, money sign and government.

This article is about Japanese and Filipino Culture and how I could say that IT’S JUST A TIE!

Vendo Machine in Tokyo (

As we can see in the Philippines, Vendo machines are not so popular in our country. Why? Because other people will just steal what is inside it.
While in Japan even though, money bursts out from the vendo machine some may not care about it and some who’s incharge will just call a technician to repair and fix it.

Reserved seats for Elders in the Philippines (

In Japan elderly people, does not want to be treated like a weak person. My sensei told us that when she was on a train in Japan, she saw an Ojichan that was standing right next beside her. She offered her seat but, the Ojichan just declined. My sensei asked some questions regarding to that matter, and her sensei told her that offering their seat to older people in Japan will just be a waste of time because, it’s a sign of disrespect to them.
While in the Philippines, people offer their seats to the elders and women because it is a sign of respect in our part.

Healthy Japanese Food (

c.)       FOOD (JAPAN WINS)
In the Philippines most of the people has the wrong appetite because, we eat junkfoods and sometimes does not have a proper food to eat.
While in Japan, they find their way to have a balance diet in eating fruits with vegetables at the same time which makes them healthy.

                 Agricultural Crops in the Philippines (

In Japan foods are really healthy. But, some of their foods has meat or fish that is one of the ingredient.
As for Philippines, we have crops, fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. I can say that we have a great culture because; some students in the Philippines pertaining to agriculture are more often student that came from different countries of the world.

Philippines and Japan are both different countries but also has the same goal. Philippines is more on medicines while Japan is more on technologies. They both have different contributions but, still have benefits to each.

From the right: Asimo a robot created by Japan (
From the left: Herbal Medicines found in the Philippines (

Both countries are important.
Always remember the every one of us, has its own purpose.

Contributor: Victoria Louisse A. Sabino

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  1. Wow! It's true that both countries are important. Nice article! :)

  2. This article is very informative, I especially like the interesting comparison you made :)

  3. I totally agree with your opinion, both countries are really important, by the way you have a very catchy name for your title :)


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