Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Filipino Should Not Be Waterproof!

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Here we go again! Ondoy, Habagat..... and now Maring! It seems it's a never-ending cycle where we are all end up seeing each other at relief and evacuation centers. We might be among the people waiting to receive donations in the form of a kilo of rice, a few cans of sardines and some instant noodles, or if we were lucky enough, part of the team distributing the relief goods.

Each one of us maybe feeling the Filipino spirit of being "waterproof" like what the meme has been sharing all throughout my Facebook timeline. We are all there hoping for the best despite the tragic disaster which put a great portion of the Philippines under murky flood waters.

But there's a small bonus! We get to see celebrities, politicians and other big personalities, up close and personal!

 Kris Aquino and siblings

Starstruck and awed at the sight of these people that we normally see only behind the TV or movie houses do bring some hope to the people. They bring smiles to the tired, weary, and hungry  individuals who may have lost their homes, personal belongings or family members.

It's a pleasing sight to behold. Pa-picture-picture na rin pag may time.

Actually, it's a big opportunity for media exposure. Yeah, yeah, yeah....we don't want to rain on their parade but somehow, the thing we call social responsibility becomes a joke when we all know what's the real reason why we are there - poor sewerage systems (whether its caused by too much garbage clogging the drains, too many informal settlers crowding the esteros,  real estate developments blocking the former paths of waterways, etc).

The efforts of these celebrities and politicians, if you will sum it all up, just go to waste because they are not rally contributing for the better good.

Noynoy Aquino, Dinky Soliman, Mar Roxas, ER Ejercito in Laguna

We Filipinos should not be waterproof! We should not believe on that saying! We should demand for more from our government! We should show them that their "reactive" efforts are not what we really need. We need them to be "proactive" - anticipate and work on the problems before it strikes us cold.

We are not "waterproof"!

We thank the celebrities and politicians who extended a helping hand to give comfort to the people in need. But they could do more than that. They could rally towards a better urban planning project for the Philippines. I know it's a difficult task that would require everyone's greater participation, but it is feasible if we all work together incessantly. "Walang ningas-kugon!"

Angel Locsin for Philippine Red Cross

The Filipino should not be "waterproof"!

We should be sensitive enough to know what we need and how we could get it. We should find ways to rise above the tragedies, but only to redeem what is rightfully ours. We should not be complacent or satisfied of what we are getting. There is more that we deserve.

Do not wish for a plastic bag full of donations, when we can demand for a Philippines with no floods.

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