Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top Ten Scenes in the Philippines During Flooding Season

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Resilient is being capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture. It is the tendency to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

Are we supposed to be cheering and shouting hurray to the Filipino people for once again showing resilience in the midst of the tragic flooding that is now occurring in the Philippines brought about by typhoon Maring?

We are definitely strong and determined to surpass all hardships brought about by the floods and other similar inconveniences brought about by man or nature. We would always come out smiling and hoping for the best. We are a remarkable race indeed.

I know the Filipino is worth dying for - as what Ninoy Aquino have said. But are we truly worthy of praises when we keep on seeing ourselves suffering from the same disasters we know will eventually happen but couldn't (or wouldn't) do anything to prevent it from happening?

Here's my top ten scenes in the Philippines that I would normally see during the flooding season.


10. People Lurking in the Murky Flood Waters - I don't get it when people find joy in being seen loitering in the flood. There would also be children swimming in the flood as in the case of the flooded Lagusnilad in Manila that was turned like a swimming pool. Afterwards you'll hear them complain of getting  a foot disease or worst, leptospirosis.

9. An Overwhelming Call for Donations - Several online communities are all creating their own relief or rescue groups. Everyone has opened their bank accounts all ready to accept donations from kind-hearted netizens or sponsors.

8. Schools Are Turned into Evacuation Centers - Public schools are now converted into temporary evacuation centers with people mostly coming from the "danger zones" composed mostly of informal settlers.

7. Cancelled Flights - It is understandable for the airline companies to cancel all flights in areas affected by the typhoon. Even traveling by road is not advisable if there's no clear visibility.

6. Pedicabs Rule the Roads - They're the only ones who are now on the streets accepting passengers but charging exorbitant fares.

5. Politicians and Celebrities on TV - There are lots of news showing how this and that popular personality contributed a bit of effort to share their blessings to the victims of the flood. Many are soliciting prayers and hoping for a miracle. The distribution of relief goods has somewhat become a grand fans day.

4. Stranded People - There would always be people needing to be rescued. Only a few would heed the call for evacuation or warning against possible flooding. Everyone was hoping that the non-stop rains would not equal to a flood. Almost the same areas are flooded every attack of a super typhoon. It is an enigma how we could build huge and expensive infrastructures but we couldn't even build an effective sewerage system.


3. People Criticizing Government Officials - There has been a constant complaint of government leaders not showing up during times when they are needed most. Most would only show up when the storm has gone down and its time to distribute relief goods.

2. People all Lined Up for Some Relief Goods - It is always the aftermath of a flood to see people now all lined up to receive donations. It is a survival of the fittest. You have to wait in line for the distribution of rice, canned goods and biscuits from the local government, NGOs, UN agencies, private companies or celebrity....and try to smile while the personalities pose with you for a photo ops or TV coverage.

1. Memes Related to Flooding Goes Viral - There's a lot of images out there showing how people are having or making fun of the flood. We really have a sense of humor aside from being resilient and "waterproof".

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