Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's take a trip to OKINAWA PREFECTURE!

Enkaku-ji (wikipedia)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I've never been in Japan but I hope I could visit it someday. Okay! So, I already planned some places that I’m going to visit in Japan someday near future and one of them is the Okinawa Prefecture. Why? That’s because, there are many castles and some springs there.

The picture above is the Enkaku-ji temple, it is a wooden temple but it was destroyed during the war. I'm sad because maybe the Enkaku-ji was so beautiful and lively before the war.

Nakijin Castle (wikipedia)

It seems peaceful because one of the castles in Okinawa Prefecture is facing the East China Sea and that’s the Nakijin Castle but as you can see, it is completely in ruins. In this place, maybe I can feel the breeze of the cold air and I can see the waves clashing with the stones. The Nakijin Castle is one of the gusuku under the Sanzan kingdom.

Shuri Castle (wikipedia)

I really like this castle because it is gorgeous and really huge and it reminds me of an anime I used to watch. This is where they held their karate practice. The castle seems preserved because the paintings are vibrant and the walls are still standing. It is also included in Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of Ryukyu Kingdom under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. I would like to stand there in a couple of minutes or hours maybe I could feel so majestic with the color red around me and it sure feels wonderful. 

Shikinaen Garden (wikipedia)

I like how the garden is so peaceful and calm. The garden is made with the mixture of Chinese-Japanese style. There are different flowers that can be found in this garden such as bellflower and it adds to the natural beauty of the garden. The garden is just located south of the Shuri Castle. It is build for the one of the members of the Shou family, and that was nice of them, they are the rulers of the Ryukyu kingdom. I want to visit this garden for relaxation and for me to have a peaceful mind, out of the smoke, noise, problems in urban areas.

Katsuren Gusuku (wikipedia)

I like to visit this place but I'm not really sure if I can take it because it is almost surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and because of that it is also called "Umi Gusuku" or "Ocean Castle". For me, it's like an ancient temple in Egypt except for the fact that it's not pyramid in shape. I read that in mid-15th century some people excavated some precious tiles and Chinese porcelains from Katsuren Gusuku and the castle also has an active shrine for Ryukyuan religion. I really like to visit this maybe a little or I'll just take some pictures as a souvenir before the waves from Pacific Ocean hit me. :)

That's just some of the sites in the Okinawa Prefecture but these sites are the one that I like to visit. There are some sites that is currently ruined like the Nakijin Gusuku but I think it was beautiful back then. As there are some sites that is preserved until now like the Shuri Gusuku. By the way, "gusuku" means castle or fortress in Okinawa. So... that's the end of the trip to Okinawa! Minna-san, Sayonara!!!! :))

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  1. What a beautiful place! Nice article! :)

  2. NICE! I also want to go to the Shikinaen Garden because just like you said it looks so peaceful and calm... I HOPE I COULD GO THERE!

  3. Great article! I would like to go here since its peaceful and calm, a great place to relax and reminisce your life. Very informative and interesting.

  4. Great work! This place looks peaceful and calm.

  5. Sugoi! your article is well written, hope I can go there someday :)

  6. This is absolutely breathtaking palace. Great choice :)


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