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CEO SUITE Serviced Offices: Premium Office Suites at a Prime Location

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"Start Small, Think "BIG" - a mindset that every Startup Business Owner, SME & Entrepreneur should have.

We all want to look good to everyone because having an impressive portfolio is the key to get noticed by potential clients or partners. 

But for newbies in the business who are still striving for attention, we should initially work on a presence that would help build trust and assurance to our companies. This includes establishing an office address that I believe is essential in the foundation of every business.  

"One of every business’ successes depends on its location. This is regardless if it’s referring to store locations, office locations, virtual office locations, etc. Being in a strategic business location for your company could conclude the level of your success." 

Though there are already so many businesses that made it to an undeniable success, having a conducive meeting place to meet with our clients, other than coffee shops and hotel lobbies, would further catapult us to greater heights. Having a business address at a prime and accessible location may spell a huge difference in the final choice of a client on which company they would decide to work with. Just as how job applicants are somehow gauged based on which college or university they came from, a reputable business address could put us up there among the top choices.

It is time to step-up our business with CEO SUITE's serviced or virtual offices. Achieving greatness goes with having a good business reputation that CEO SUITE office solutions can help us with.

We were recently invited to a small gathering to find out more about CEO SUITE serviced offices. The company has its Philippine center located at the 37th floor of LKG Tower at Ayala Avenue in Makati city. We were toured around their facilities showcasing the shared offices, lobby, common areas like the pantry, and the meeting rooms.The video above will show most of the areas we visited minus the rooms that are currently occupied.

We've been offered to try out a few shared offices by similar companies offering the same services but we keep turning them down because as bloggers and media practitioners for online, radio and magazine, we usually are often out in the field attending events like press conferences, product launches, media familiarization tours, etc. so that would normally only give us time to work on our blogs and social media articles during night time or early mornings. This gives us very little reasons of the need to have an office since the popularity of online or work-at-home jobs reduces the need to report at an office address.

However, we sometimes find it a little bit awkward to schedule meetings with clients or partners at public places where getting an available seat, especially during peak hours, may become a bit difficult. It becomes harder when we are meeting with a group because it is not convenient to be seats apart from each other. Also, there would be times when we would need to arrange workshops and training sessions that would be very expensive to hold at hotel or restaurant function rooms.

Since we all know that most companies, aside from BPOs and Call Centers, only operate within regular office hours, the need to have a venue to meetup with clients will happen mostly during the day. Thus, it would be more dignified to engage with clients. especially with the executives or large multinationals and corporations, at a better venue like CEO SUITE. 

Now at times when we are out of the office, their virtual office service would be very useful for any company who wants to reach or remain connected with us. Having our own office landline number that could also redirect calls to our mobile phones when we are out of the office would keep us available for more opportunities. Imagine hearing "Thank you for calling Wazzup Pilipinas!" whenever a client calls our designated office landline. Now, that's something we are eagerly looking forward to in the near future.

But why choose CEO SUITE if there are so many other companies offering the same service?

They say CEO SUITE is the only serviced operator in Asia that is run by industry experts with more than a decade of worldwide experience. Founded in 1997 by Mee Kim, it had its first center at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Towers in Jakarta. Mee Kim, a visionary and entrepreneur with 24 years of experience in the service / serviced office industries with an established broad and constantly growing base of international business network, ensures that the service levels at CEO SUITE will always exceed that of its competitors.

CEO SUITE boasts of being a one stop service station tailored to all our business requirements. Well, all similar companies would claim the same capacity so I guess it will all boil down to their pricing schemes and service highlights. We should be aware of the plus points of each company before we decide on which to acquire for our own.

Though their staff and the centralized air-conditioning of the building would only be operational during regular office hours, we have the option to keep on using their facilities for 24 hours. We just need to bring our own air-conditioning unit and other equipment necessary to keep our working environment comfortable. There are also other arrangements that can easily be arranged for a reasonable fee.

Below are some of the facilities we saw during our tour of the place.

CEO SUITE front desk
CEO SUITE hallway leading to shared offices
Smaller meeting rooms at CEO SUITE
Shared pantry at CEO SUITE
One of the common areas at CEO SUITE
One of the shared offices at CEO SUITE
"CEO SUITE offers executive serviced office suites, virtual offices, meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities, and administrative support in 9 major business hubs in Asia - Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Hanoi.

If you are an entrepreneur or part of a small & medium scale company or a large corporation, they surely have ways to cater to your needs."

They've been around for years and are well-established in many countries so we are assured that they can sustain and continuously improve their services when necessary to remain competitive with the rest. We would want to be associated with a company with a good reputation as it would also reflect on our own company.

All we need to do now is to actually try their services for a few weeks so we could really feel how it would be like to work within their premises. Of course, we couldn't give you the nitty-gritty details of how it is to hold office at CEO SUITE until we have tried it ourselves.

Be sure to get back to us after we have finally had the opportunity to hold office at one of their shared offices.

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