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Binibining Pilipinas 2016 Grand Coronation Night Winners

Wazzup Pilipinas!

40 candidates vying for 6 coveted crowns. Who will win tonight?!?!
Even though tonight Pia Wurtzbach is giving up the crown, she will forever be our Miss Philippines!

KC Concepcion and Xian Lim host the Binibining Pilipinas 2016 Grand Coronation Night happening at the Araneta Center, also known as The Big Dome.

#BbPilipinas2016 candidates dance onstage. The ladies strut their stuff during the opening number with a Telepopmusik !!! I really love a good opening dance number and this one was reminiscent of the Commander production in Miss Universe 2010.

The #BbPilipinas2016 intro shows that rashguards are definitely in fashion now. I totally have a high respect for women who can still dance while using those...what...are they shoes...I mean heels!

The winners of the first four special awards has been recognized.

The Special Awards goes to:

Miss Friendship - Bb. 16 Vina Openiano
Miss Talent - Bb. 16 Vina Openiano
Best in National Costume - Bb. 3 Angela Fernando
Miss Photogenic - Bb. 31 Kylie Verzosa

Binibining Pilipinas 2016 judges include #MissUSA Olivia Jordan, Ian Veneracion and Paolo Roxas, the son of Mar Roxas.  Other judges include Laurenti Dyogi of ABS-CBN, Cory Vidanes of ABS-CBN, Ambassador Joseph Bernardo, Ambassador Igor Khovaev, Ambassador Jan Top Christensen, Ambassador Roland Remorteele, DTI Secretary Adrian Cristobal. How many diplomats do we have as judges again? No offense, I'm sure they are very good at what they do but ...

We also see some of the previous Binibining Pilipinas winners present at the Big Dome tonight! Paula Shugart is also in the house. Nichole Cordoves sizzles, loving Laura Lehmann's angelic face (Ateneo's courtside reporter! From courtside reporter to Bb Pilipinas host real quick) and Ariella Arida wins best outfit of the night. Slay girl, slayyy. 

Fabio Ide and Bianca Manalo are also here to support younger sister Nichole Manalo.

The bikini bodies of the #BbPilipinas2016 contestants in white swimsuits are simply to-die-for! I am so impressed! This is so rare that I am floored. Level up bodies! Swimsuits are designed by Pinoy Domz Ramos. #BbPilipinas2016 host @xianlimm says from hereon, candidates' gowns will be made by Pinoys.

The guys operating the glide cams at the #BbPilipinas2016 should get a raise. Lol!

Evening gown ramp featured Filipino designers' works. Four candidates almost lost balance during the first half of the evening gown competition. Don't Let Me Down on the background whilst the Binibinis are walking in their evening gowns. The gowns are superb! It only shows what Filipinos can do with their imaginations. Indeed, beauty beyond its usual.

Seems like most of the candidates were using that smize effect of Pia Wurtzbach which was originally done by Tyra Banks.

Gloria Diaz says during the interview "Many things have changed.The women have changed, they are taller now, more beautiful."

Let us all witness the resurrection of grand dame Stella Marqúez de Araneta. From most hated to well-loved. Thanks to Pia!

Whoever choose the music played at #BbPilipinas2016 has a sick taste for music. I literally dig it.

Special awards: 

Swimsuit: Bb. 13 Joanna Eden
EG: Bb. 26 Jennifer Hammond
PAL: Bb. 29 Maxine Medina
Creamsilk: Bb. 28 Nichole Manalo
Manila Bulletin: Bb. 31 Kylie Verzosa
Jag Jeans: Bb. 31 Kylie Verzosa

I think the judges will rely mostly on the Q&A in choosing the winner, not on pasarela or great walk. Beauty, of course is a given.

We heard a lot of noise from the audience especially some whistles. There is nothing wrong with supporting your bet, but all the screams, whistle and horn blowing makes the Pageant look cheap.

The music went from Revel/Pool Club to Apocalypto real quick during the announcement of Top 15
#BbPilipinas2016 Top 15: 

31 Kylie Verzosa
16 Vina Openiano
5 Riana Pangindian
38 Angelica Alita
22 Apriel Smith
9 Roshiela Tobias
4 Kimberle Pencheon
13 Joanna Eden
29 Maxine Medina
27 Dindi Joy Pajares
26 Jennifer Ruth Hammond
11 Nicole Cordoves
37 Jehza Mae Huelar
28 Nichole Marie Manalo
12 Edjelyn Joy Gamboa

 Beauty without intelligence is useless so it all goes down to the Q&A portion.

#‎BbPilipinas2016‬  bet #27 Dyogi What is your message to the next president

#‎BbPilipinas2016‬  bet #12 Roxas How will you help Pia Wurtzbach with her advocacy against cyberv-bullying

#‎BbPilipinas2016‬  bet #29 Vidanes What would you advise the little girl who is being asked to stop studying?

#‎BbPilipinas2016‬  bet #28 Bernardo What is the toughest challenge a Filipina of your age faces nowadays?

‪#‎BbPilipinas2016‬ bet #37  Khovaev How will you encourage a Pinoy who is feeling hopeless to cast his vote?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #11 Cristobal If you could switch bodies with somebody for one day, who would it be and why?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #31 Jordan: Why do you deserve to win a crown tonight?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #26 Winning one of the crowns tonight will make you ambassador of goodwill. What issue would you focus on and why?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #9 Brias Would you compromise your integrity and personal values just to win a crown? Why or why not?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #22 Veneracion Women use makeup to enhance their facial features. Do you think it's appropriate for men to do the same?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #13 Christensen If you are to choose between a multi-million business or crown, what would you choose and why?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #5 Jordan If you have the chance to ask Pia Wurtzbach, what would it be?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #38 Cristobal What do you think is the most undervalued profession right now and why?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #4 Vidanes What kind of leaders do Filipinos need today?

#BbPilipinas2016 bet #16 Veneracion If men and women are equal, why do men need to give up their seats in public transport?

Farewell walks of 2015 Binibining Pilipinas winners - Miss Intercontinental Christi Lynn McGarry. Miss Globe Ann Colis, Miss Supranational Rogelie Catacutan, Miss International Janicel Lubina and Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach - Three consecutive years joining Bb. Pilipinas before wining the title and now she's on here final walk. She deserved the standing ovation from the entire audience inside Araneta Coliseum filled with fellow beauty queens. Undeniably, Pia is more than just a beauty. More than just a queen. She's an icon of determination and a solid heart.

#BbPilipinas2016 2nd Runner Up Bb 37 Jehza Mae Huelar

#BbPilipinas2016 1st Runner Up  Bb 38 Angelica Alita

#BbPilipinas2016 Globe is Bb 28 Nichole Marie Manalo

#BbPilipinas2016 Grand International Bb 11 Nicole Cordoves

#BbPilipinas2016 Supranational Bb 13 Joanna Eden

#BbPilipinas2016 Intercontinetal Bb 26 Jennifer Ruth Hammond

#BbPilipinas2016 International is Bb 31 Kylie Verzosa

#BbPilipinas2016 Universe is Bb 29  Maxine Medina

"Pinoys are the best pageant fans in the world" says KC Concepcion. True enough, we are so OBSESSED with beauty pageants. The passion of the fans bolstering the candidates' confidence is awesome. The Philippines is all about the three Bs. Boxing, Basketball and Beauty Pageants.
Can we also share the same obsession to our budding Scientists & Engineers?! Even @PiaWurtzbach has her own stamp! Where's the same REVERENCE for Mijeno & the scientists who launched our satellite?!

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