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Kamuning Bakery and their Presidential Pandesal Survey

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Kamuning Bakery, owned by PhilStar columnist Wilson Lee Flores, is up again with their clever antics as they release a Presidential Pandesal Survey. Call it a mock voting for our presidential candidates as they present different pandesal sandwiches cleverly concocted with different fillings to represent the five personalities running for the highest position in the land.

How does the Presidential Pandesal Survey work? Well, customers can order for the pandesal they like based on their preference on who to actually vote on May 9 Election time. Every order is tabulated to correspond to the number of votes each candidate will get.

As of the photo ops on April 5, the one leading the survey was Rodrigo Duterte but I'm not sure who is ahead as of today. But I am making a big guess that it ma still be the Mayor from Davao as he remains very popular even in social media and other surveys as well. Even with the fact about that crude jod regarding a rape victim, Duterte remains a formidable opponent to beat.

How are the pandesal sandwiches created? They have Pan de Duterte with a burger beef patty filling, Pan de Poe has a corned beef filling, Pan de Miriam has a tuna filling, Pan De Binay has a longanisa filling, Pan de Roxas with a chicken fillet filling, and for those who wish to abstain or not vote for any of the 5 presidential candidates, they also have a Pan de Nada with a ham and egg filling.

Regarding the meaning of each pandesal with their corresponding filling, you may want to watch the video explaining the reasons why Kamuning Bakery chose the said pandesal sandwiches for each presidential candidate. You would be laughing out loud for some of the reasons but would agree that they do make sense somehow. The video is to be uploaded soon at our YouTube channel at

Pan de Binay

Pan de Duterte

Pan de Miriam

Pan de Nada

Pan de Poe

Pan de Roxas
With the elections almost here, Kamuning Bakery's Presidential Pandesal Survey could very well be another significant sign of what is about to happen this coming May. Would it be able to clearly define who would be the next president of the Philippines? Who knows? Maybe Duterte is just popular here in Metro Manila , and Davao, but how is he at other parts of the country? With Grace Poe coming at a close second, it is probably a tight fight for the presidency.

What is very evident is that the Pandesal Presidential Survey of Kamuning Bakery also offers a bit of humor as supporters of each candidate may also try to visit the cafe and bakery in Kamuning and order as much pandesal sandwiches as they can in an effort to support the leads of their candidates.

You might see some people ordering a dozen pandesal sandwiches at one time, but why not? The sandwiches offer a variety of taste that could very well be patronized by everyone even without any affiliation towards each candidate. I could very well order a chicken fillet pandesal sandwich but that doesn't mean I would vote for Mar Roxas, or if I am in a healthy fit and buff mood, I could very well order for a tuna pandesal sandwich even if I am not a fan of Miriam Defensor Santiago. Sometimes I also love eating a sandwich with longanisa even though Jejomar Binay is far from my list of preferred candidates, or I could order for a Pan de Duterte if I am curious of how the taste of their burger sandwich.

I wouldn't want to miss the chance to taste all of the but of course people might be loyal to their candidates and buy only the Pandesal Sandwich that symbolizes their idols. How about you? Which one would you order? Or are you the one who would order for a Pan de Nada to reiterate your disgust for all who are running? Why not, if you like ham and egg pandesal sandwich?

Overall, the pandesals at Kamuning Bakery are great for any kind of filling may it be burger, corned beef, tuna, chicken, longanisa, or ham and egg. The pandesals make each and every filling so much better. This is to say that whoever would win as president could only become good as expected if only the other supporting elements surrounding him would make him look and work as best as he can. I am not just talking about the people who will comprise his cabinet, but also of the people that make up the Philippines. Our country is so bg that we could not totally depend on just one person to do all of the job. Our president needs our help and he could only be as effective as we want him to be if we would be around him all the way. Let us be the pandesal and the other part of the fillings like the slices of tomato, lettuce and cucumber that makes every sandwich taste a lot better. I am sure that every sandwich will taste really great if all the ingredients complement each other.

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