Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lubao International Balloon Festival 2016: We Flew High Up Into The Pampanga Sky

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Thank you to the organizers of the Lubao International Balloon Festival for giving Wazzup Pilipinas the opportunity to fly high up into the Pampanga sky.

Your self-declared Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas, translated as the National Blogger of the Philippines, together with my companion, Jayson Biadog was able to almost touch the clouds when we flew with the hot air balloons of the festival. I joined Jordi Diaz from Spain while Jayson was with Benoit Simeons from Belgium.

But before we tell you all about our experience aboard a hot air balloon (actually we already share some of them over at social media on the very first day immediately in the afternoon after our flight...hehehe) let us share with you some of the shot we got from inside the hot air balloon.

Forgive me if I couldn't make the right angle and perspective as I was a bit ecstatic and sweating like crazy due to the flames used to power up the balloons was just a few meters above us. But the feeling inside a hot air balloon while flying high above the rice fields of Pampanga was more than what I expected. I still couldn't get over it.

I would liek to tell the story soon but I am excited to share with you some of our shots. I couldn't decide if I would tell the story in chronological order but these photos are just too good to delay or postpone. Mind you, I'm not a professional photographer because I am just a point and shoot and just uses the standard setting of my camera. But they are good enough for me!

Since I we were not the first one to lift off from the Pradera Verde grounds only a few balloons were left down below. But I am happy to have been up in the air for more than an hour. We actually made two landings, of which the first one was to change fuel cylinders, and the final one was to land somewhere in Bataan.

The chase crew composed of Filipinos where quick and reliable as they easily found and returned us to Pradera Verde, only after we dined at oine of the popular fastfood chains in the country. But that's a different story that is so funny enough to share as well especially when I talked with the team from South Korea who also joined us there.

You see, each balloon had its very own chase crew so if there are 4o balloons, the that means there are 40 chase crews all in all. Each chase crew were spotting the balloon from flight to landing. I will need to tell the story on a different blog post as it also involves how they help the balloonists fold the balloon neatly back into its big bag...and carrying it back to base.

Meantime, here are just a few of the shots we got from inside the hot air balloon:

As it was really my first time to ride a balloon, I couldn't figure out if I would want to enjoy the experience or keep on taking photos and videos using my camera, smartphone and GoPro Hero4 Silver... Lol!

But you would see me posting a lot of these blog posts about the Lubao International Balloon Festival as I actually have lots of photos and videos that I want to flaunt. This is one of items listed on my bucket list and now I am happy to have done it thanks to the organizers of this event who generously allowed us to fly high up into the Pampanga sky!

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