Sunday, January 3, 2016

Clickbaits: You Wouldn't Believe Why I Wrote This, What Happens Next Will Shock You!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Everyone's reaction was priceless! What you will witness will restore your faith in humanity!

Have you resorted to applying the art and science of writing effective headlines or click-worthy lines that would tempt the readers to click and read the actual story?

These type of clickbait lines really works to lure traffic to your website but ...the big butt ..I mean BUT is .... you are nothing extraordinary if your actual content is rubbish. You just created a lot of hype but under-delivered.

However, "“If your headline isn’t good, your article is irrelevant. And if your article is irrelevant, then you’re not getting any traffic."

But how do we really write a good headline that is shareable, draws people in, and is not manipulative?

Most people wanted to get lured in by clickbaits. As they browse through their timelines in Facebook or read new posts all over their other social media accounts, the search for an interesting headline is bound to lead to one or two, or more, clickbaits. What exactly is the phenomenon that entices us to click?

When you get encouraged to find out more, that works. When you get excited to what the story is all about, that is effective. The clickbait is psychologically compelling because our brains start craving the information that is left out of the headline. Our minds are not content with the imbalance of disequilibrium — the lingering sense of incompleteness that we feel after reading a successful article title. So, we click. We pursue equilibration.

However, you can create the same sense of psychological disequilibrium with a benefits-driven headline such as "8 Ways Towards Effective Online Marketing". Make it unmistakably clear what the reader gains by investing time in your content. Using numbers also tend to do particularly well in headlines.

Create headlines that align with reader interest. Thus identify your target market. Different sets of people will be attracted to different sets of headlines. May it be creative or cutesy.

Clickbaits doesn't also work for SEO. It’s more important to put in the keyword in the headline to describes the story. We need a headline that’s catchy but that also uses the keywords that we want the site to rank for.

According to the article I read, "Clicks are the best insight we have into what drives people to action. If you’re not putting click behavior under a microscope on every level, you don’t stand a chance at reliably building online marketing funnels that convert."


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