Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Overwhelming Strengths Revealed

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It has been said that each person has his own strengths and weaknesses; whether a person considers a quality as either the former or the latter is relative, and everything that falls under them are various qualities that make us unique, distinctive and above all, human.

After having taken the intelligences test at, I’ve unveiled, yet again, a few other qualities about myself. According to the test, my top three intelligences, or top four rather, are, first and foremost, language, second was Social, and the third was a tie between Intrapersonal and Musical intelligence. Kinesthetic and Mathematical intelligences follow behind and the last one was Naturalistic intelligence.

Presuming that I have acquired this results along with my classmates, one of my three best intelligences and apparently the first of them is my linguistic capability - words, grammar, the macro skills, and all that. This is one of the intelligences that I am aware about myself which encourages me to take up a profession wherein I can use my skills to make a difference.

As with everyone else, while I am aware of some of the indicated qualities, such as my love for learning and observation, there are still traits which could have remained subconscious, if I were not to discover them by means of accomplishing the test. A clear example of this is the fact that my second best intelligence was interpersonal or social intelligence. Some of my classmates may reckon with otherwise because they know me as a diligent person who ultimately prefers solitude. Then again, being silent does not necessarily mean I cannot be socially adept. Moreover, it is very appropriate and expected of us as educators to be interpersonally adept since interacting with people constitutes an essential part of our profession.

Next up, as aforementioned, was a tie between musical intelligence and self or intrapersonal intelligence. Mindful that this is not the first intelligences test I've finished, I believe that this is quite an intriguing result since all of those tests consistently projected moderately high results in both these areas. What I comprehend about this is that perhaps I know just enough or maybe even more about music and about myself, preferably enough for me to interact with the world and meet its demands. It means that I'm still in the journey of discovering and improving myself. I've noticed that I often talk about myself, and I think some of the things I say are the qualities that I want to see in myself. It's also nice to learn how to play a musical instrument or two for recreation and enjoyment, and doing so might come in handy.

My least favored intelligence was naturalistic intelligence. Mother nature really is a beautiful lady, and we have God to thank for all the natural wonders with which we are blessed with. The advantages of knowing about nature as well as the consequences of not caring for her are evident especially nowadays. However, I don't normally interest and engage myself in gardening and other related activities.

I'd just like to end this reflection with a quote: "God gave us our talents; what we do with them is our gift back to Him."

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