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Market Basket Seafood Paluto: Lunch Is Served and Very Well Indeed

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Seafood has been number one on my list ever since childhood. It will be forever on the top as it has never failed to please me whatever culinary style the chef comes up with. For me, whether it fusion or traditional, spicy or insanely out of this world, nothing beats seafood dishes.

This is why whenever someone asks me where I prefer to eat, I always would loudly utter anywhere that serves seafood! You can't simply miss out on really splendid dishes if its main ingredient is a creature from the sea.

I recently discovered a seafood restaurant in Tagig after a friend suggested we go there for lunch.

Market Basket is under the Chefs’ Quarter Group  which are composed of Chefs’ Quarter Restaurant, Beurre Blanc Restaurant and Wine Bar, Old Vine Grille, Kuse Traditional Filipino Cuisine, Uncle Cheffy’s Brick Oven Global Cuisine, and a few more. It was no surprise to see an Uncle Cheffy's resto  combined with the restaurant. You can actually order from both restaurants and eat them at any part of the joint venue.

Of course, I preferred to order seafood as it has always been my top choice when ordering for a meal outside of our home. Though I also try my best to persuade my wife to only serve the healthier seafood and an occasion of chicken dishes when we are all getting tired of eating fish, but still manages to sneak in pork and beef dishes because she says she can't fight the temptation to have them. She never had the convenience to eat them during her childhood so she always craves them to feel good about herself now that she can afford to buy them.

I am getting too fat and is already on the obese side but it is still hard to prevent getting chubby even though I've been avoiding the foods I mentioned. Being a food blogger is not helping as I really need to try every dish served. It won't be a justifiable feature if I never took a bite of the so called "fatty" dishes.

The Seafood Paluto that Market Basket offers is a great alternative to diners who want to have to healthier dining option. We all know seafood is better than meat so it's the preferable destination when you want to still be satisfied and fulfilled.

The price indicated at their "chalked" menu already is the actual price even after they are cooked so it can easily guide you quickly on how much you would be spending for your entire order. Regardless of how you want it cooked, I guess it's a fixed price.

Overall, the dishes do not disappoint. They are truly freshly cooked as you personally picked the sea critters out from the iced display right at the very start. 

We had lunch at their Tagig branch located at a AllHome establishment after a meeting with the organizers of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I was invited to join as a voluteer by a schoolmate and "kababayan" from Pateros. He set me up to meet with the lead organizer, Capt. Joy Roa, the host of the Asian Air Safari TV show aired on ANC. After the meeting he also invited me to have lunch before going back home to our Pasig residence.

The Market Basket restaurant was just a small place but since it's joined with the Uncle Cheffy's restaurant, patrons can also sit at the adjoining area meant for Uncle Cheffy's customers. This makes it advantageous also the other way around.

We ordered for shrimp (garlic and butter sauteed), squid (grilled) and tuna belly (sinigang / with tamarind soup). I requested for a mango shake drink and something unusual for dessert (Nilupak with Caramel Sauce). I enjoyed all the dishes and even the dessert since it is very rare for me to eat "nilupak" - mashed cassava and combined with banana or sweet potato.

My only comment is that the serving for one order is not really that generous but considering the price it was very reasonable. I can manage to request for two orders and yet it will still be too pocket-friendly compared to dining at other restaurants which offers almost the same quality of dishes.

The shrimps were undoubtedly fresh catch. I can easily taste teh big difference if the shrimp was straight out of the fridge and has been frozen for ages. The Garlic and Butter Sauteed Shrinps were a delight at every bite.

Sinigang has always been a popular choice at every meal and the serving at Market Basket Seafood Paluto does not disappoint a bit. You'll revel in the many fresh vegetables that comes with the order.

Grilled seafood has been always among the best for me and the Grilled Pusit or Squid was sensational. Though it was so small for one person, the price will easily allow you to order more. Do not hesitate to order more of these as they know how to grill it well.

"Nilupak" as dessert was sort of exhilarating for me as I rarely have the chance to try this. I believe it was way back in my elementary days when I last tried one and the experience was still very memorable. Cassava was always a favorite no matter how they cook it. The "Nilupak" actually made me reminisce my childhood. The thoughts of returning to the past using a time machine has always been persistent. Thwere are just some things you would want to get back to.

There was nothing really special about the Ripe Mango Shake. It was just like any other I've tried. But this one is a lot better than the ones sold at a near price at other restaurants.

Do I still need to say I enjoyed my dining experience at Market Basket. I guess this blog is already proof to my satisfaction. I normally wouldn't blog about a restaurant if I have nothing good to say about it. Market Basket was a good recommendation from a friend, and I would not hesitate to recommend it as well. It's a great choice for all seafood lovers plus you get the opportunity to try out the other dishes served at Uncle Cheffy's too.

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