Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Use of Motivation in Teaching and in Learning

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In almost any case, motivation is the energy and vitality that pushes things forward. The educational environment is definitely no exception; in fact, it recognizes the value of motivation all too well. I believe that a classroom brimming with motivation is a passionate teacher’s paradise. I truly think that employing motivation is quite an enjoyable part of teaching. All I need to learn is how to find the right way to do so.

As of this time, I can’t wait to show my passion in educating and motivate my future students too; however, being a down-to-earth teacher, students will not always pay heed to me especially with their natural attention span. I’m certain there will come a day when I am effortlessly able to grasp their interests and I hope that day will come really soon.

According to my sources, there are multiple components in order to ensure a motivated class. First, I have to possess an amazing attitude, which is relative. Second, I have to be interesting, obviously. Third, I have to perfectly include each member of the class and make sure that they are all part of the discussion. Everyone is unique and can be the source of new possibilities. Fourth, learning competencies should be attainable – preferably moderately difficult – since not all of us would want a lesson that’s too difficult or otherwise – at least not me, that is. Next, leadership is also crucial, along with the things that follow such as the right amount of expectation, structure, feedback and support. The last sentence can be compared to the “authoritative” parenting style wherein there is enough demandingness and responsiveness from the parent, or in this case, the educator. Finally, we have to let them discover just how satisfying and learning can be.

All of these can be attained with the use of proper authentic materials as we have learned before, and these materials can come in all things, which makes it more of a challenge to teach.

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