Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Diverse Teaching Techniques, Strategies and Learning Styles

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Yet another of the countless features and qualities which define our individualities is the fact that we employ different learning styles. Knowing these learning styles is quite enjoyable and will serve as an advantage when employing the right methods for us, as well as for our students to learn and help them nurture their own abilities to perform, create and many other skills best.

Among the seven learning styles, – namely, Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Logical and Kinesthetic – mine concurs most with the first three. Even if I wasn’t gifted in the field of art, it is only natural that I like to learn best given that the thing I am learning about is something I can see for myself. Paired with the Auditory learning style, I find these two quite fortunate to be my learning styles since I am often exposed to these two the most when it comes to formal or informal schooling like watching educational videos.

Whenever I am asked by my classmates about how I speak so fluently and accurately, I always inform them that it is because of my frequent voluntary exposure to Visual and Auditory authentic materials. I believe the Auditory learning style includes all things heard like words, music and the like so that covers a broad area indeed.

Presuming that I have acquired these results along with my classmates, one of my three best learning styles is linguistic capability - words, grammar, the macro skills, and all that. This is one of the intelligences that I am aware about myself which encourages me to take up a profession wherein I can use my skills to make a difference.

As with everyone else, while I am aware of some of the indicated qualities, such as my love for learning and observation, there are still traits which could have remained subconscious, if I were not to discover them by means of accomplishing the test. A clear example of this is the fact that another style was interpersonal or social intelligence. Some of my classmates may reckon with otherwise because they know me as a diligent person who ultimately prefers solitude. Then again, being silent does not necessarily mean I cannot be socially adept. Moreover, it is very appropriate and expected of us as educators to be interpersonally adept since interacting with people constitutes an essential part of our profession.

Carrying out the task of teaching is not easy. We have to be aware of their learning styles by carrying out diverse teaching techniques and strategies, encouraging us to be creative and reminding us to frequently use our minds, even if we ourselves are not formally enrolled in a curriculum, encourage them to perform and create things of their own, and show that they are allowed to make mistakes. It is our undertaking to teach them how to accept criticisms well and perceive them as opportunities to see what things they can improve upon. Teaching isn’t really teaching; our mission is to provide energy most conducive to fuel their environment to learn. After all, “We don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing it in real life and by falling over;” and that’s alright!

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