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Dome Cafe: Start The New Year Right With Sumptuous Dishes

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From starters to their hot kitchen specials and all the way to their cakes and drinks, Dome Cafe will surprise you of their sumptuous dishes.

Now on their 16th year this 2016, Dome Cafe currently has only one branch located at EDSA Shangri-La Mall but there are immediate plans to branch out as soon as they find a good location. It is actually their 2nd branch at that location since their first branch at the old Greenbelt location closed down due to unavoidable circumstances. 

Dome Cafe does not just offer good food and service, here yu get to taste the best quality food and drinks at reasonable prices alongside its superb service and quality interiors. For them, the customers are their top priority so they base their revisions based on customers' comments and suggestions. The feeling inside a Dome Cafe restaurant is like you're at your own second home away from your real home.

Although it's an Australian-based company, they offer exceptional varieties of food which they refer to as Dome-fied Filipino cuisines.  

Soon they will be launching their new menu so we are excited to wait for this new set of dishes to savor for the year 2016.

We recently visited Done Cafe to experience their all-time favorite dishes that remains superb in taste and value for our money.

Chicken Fingers
The starters never failed to impress as they were very special mouth-watering treats that would give you a raging appetite to want more from their menu. If the starters are these good then the rest of the dishes are most probably equally sensational.

The Chicken Fingers were tasty and "bitin" for our group. They were so good at every bite we wanted to order another round.

The Mozzarella Sticks were heavenly. We had to wait a while to let it cool first because the mozzarella inside was too hot to consume immediately. Though we really wanted to munch on it as soon as it landed on our table.

The Spiced Sausages had just the right amount of spice tolerable even for children. It is not spicy as compared to Thai dishes but still kicks in the heat we want in our spicy foods.

Mozzarella Sticks with Tomato Salsa
Spiced Sausages
Seafood Aioli Pasta
 The three types of pastas served to us were too good to let it idle for so long. We were already devouring them like we haven't eaten our breakfast yet.

The Seafood Aioli Pasta could use some more seafood ingredients to make it a lot more inviting. I love pasts dishes with plenty of toppings. You have to commend their garlic bread for being top class.

The Tomato Basil with Grilled Chicken Pasta rocked our world with its delightful taste. I am still a chicken lover when it comes to all sorts of viands but still seafood outranks them all. However, this chicken-based pasta dish delivers with flying colors.

The Vigan Longganisa Pasta proudly showcases Vigan Longganisa like a "shining shimmering splendid" star.It truly shines among the three pastas served. If I were to return and pick a pasta dish, it will be first on my list.

Tomato Basil with Grilled Chicken Pasta
Vigan Longganisa Pasta
Chicken Pesto Sandwich
The sandwiches at Dome Cafe makes it an ideal place to have your snack or merienda. We had the Chicken Pesto Sandwich that would tingle in your mouth for a long time because of its pesto component. The chicken is roughly the same as what was in the pasta so needless to say, it was a big hit for us.

The Classic Club Sandwich may not be as thic as other club sandwiches but the taste satisfies already. The serving may look small at first sight but once you've tasted it you would surely say "Wow!"

Dome's Classic Club Sandwich
Bangus Belly
My all-time favorite Bangus Belly has always been spectacular. As always, it has out-shined all other Bangus Belly dishes form other restaurants I have tried.

The Grilled Pork Ribs would urge you to keep on eating until you've finish the dish. There simply is no way we can get you away from this dish.

Similarly, the Grilled Pork Chops are equally astounding for its price. I will be glad to pay more for this flavorful slab of meat.

The Fish and Chips serving is huge in both size and taste. Remind me to have this as a great choice for our afternoon snack too.

The Roast Beef Belly is perfect for diners who want a flavorful meal. I can't seem to forget how it made me crave for more. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and colleagues.

Dome's Grilled Pork Ribs
Fish and Chips
Grilled Pork Chops
Roast Beef Belly
Ending your meal with desserts from Dome Cafe is a must. I especially loved their Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Cake. Not too sweet but very creamy. They also have  Carrot Cake that is more than satisfying.

Chocolate Cake

An assortment of Juices and Shakes
The drinks at Dome Cafe are too many that you will soon find a favorite among their many fresh juices, shakes and coffees.

We don't need a culinary expert to determine how truly pleased we are with our dining experience at Dome Cafe. All the dishes passed our criteria with flying colors. If we were to rate the experience from 1 to 10, being 10 as the highest, we would gladly gave a score of 8.

Does this mean you'll get to hear from us again about Dome Cafe. For sure we will return to share more stories about the restaurant and hopefully when we return, we would get to share with you their new dishes for 2016. See you again soon!!!

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