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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: I Am Carter

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Learn to be contented on what you have and never seek for anything that is better than what is yours. God has given you things better than what you have, so appreciate all his blessings and be satisfied with it.

If you’re somehow losing hope, do not search for something that will make your situation worse. All you have to do is pray to God and he’ll be there for you through your bad times.

Never ever steal neither someone’s wife nor husband. Someone will come into your life and will love you more than you wished.

It is not your pointless pleasure that will complete who you are. But it is your family that will make you happier and better.

We are proud to present to you our short story for the day. Read and enjoy!

A rebel and a husband, a creature of collection of bunch of women, a desperate womanizer; narcissism, addiction, and a thing that’s unlike loyalty, that’s my code. I am Carter. I’m a victim of dark and dull childhood. Here’s how it goes, when my mom died, my dad became a man of millions of women. I tried to understand him, going home late, always drunk, bringing home horde of flirt and seductive women in our house. Yes, I tried, but there came a time when I finally realized all his actions towards me as his son, all his wrong doings, all his mistakes. Then, I said to myself that, it’s over. I’m definitely over him. I admit it; I became a rebel, an insurgent, a bully, tough and aggressive. I’ll do whatever I want. I’ll do everything that may satisfy all the nerves running through my mind.

But, a perfect day came. I unexpectedly found a girl that will complete my life, me and everything that I am. Stunning dazzling, lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, oh I couldn’t ask for more. She’s beyond perfect. Her flawless voice made my ears stop for a second hearing nothing except her words. Sittie, she’s my dad’s business partner’s daughter. I court her, I did whatever that would convince her to be mine. I let her feel what every girl wants to feel. I treated her as a princess. Sittie changed who I am, and she changed everything that I am before.

24th of December 1997, night before Christmas, my phone rung. It’s Sittie. She called me up late at night. Of course, I was really shocked. It’s unbelievable. And I liked the way we talk, laugh and giggle through the phone. Sittie eve told me about herself, her stories, her family, everything.

That’s the happiest Christmas Eve God has given to me. The next morning, I don’t know how to react but, there’s something new, something strange, something that my wits can’t explain. I woke up and looked around.

“Sittie?” She’s sitting right next to me. She’s carrying my breakfast, I bet. And as soon as I feel, she prepared it for me. She put it on my table and said “Get up Carter!” then she smiled at me. Weird and strange! I got up and unexpectedly, she hugged me tightly. I was surprised, yes. Sittie whispered to my ear, “Thank you for everything, Carter. I appreciated all your efforts and determination for me to be yours. Now, I guess, I need to do the same thing in return, make some efforts. Today’s my luckiest day, and I’ll never doubt. Do you know why? Look into my eyes” I gulp. “Right from this moment, we’ll be together through the struggles and challenges, sweetness and joy. I love you Carter and I’ll always do. May this Christmas be the best Christmas for the two of us.” I didn’t say a thing, even a single shrug. That’s when I realized the thing about us. Whoa, we? Sittie? And I? Like… we? Nerves returned to my soul. It was the merriest Christmas, sure it was. It’s her luckiest day and so I am.

Years passed, we’re still together. Now we’re married for I think, 7 years. Yes, we are. 25th of December 2001, our fourth anniversary, I proposed to her. My best friend, Xander helped me. Everything, it’s behind our efforts and willingness.

Here… Christmas, I invited all my friends, family, co-workers, and bosses. I also invited Sittie’s friends, family, everyone, secretly. After her work, I asked her to come over our place. She said,

“Oh…kay, you sound weird huh.”

I’m nervous, I buffer. Minutes passed, she came. Everything’s dark and strange. The guards and maids sing her favorite song while leading her inside.

“Forever can never be long enough for me, to feel like I've had long enough with you. Forget the world now, we won't let them see. But there's one thing left to do.”

“So what’s going on?” Sittie asked and laughed slightly.

“Now that the weight has lifted, love has surely shifted in my way.”

Romantic! Paper strips around, candles on the floor, balloons are everywhere, flower petals are sprinkled. I came out slowly. She saw me and smiled.

“A merry Christmas once again, I guess. Happy Anniversary!” she said.

“I think it’s not an ordinary Christmas. Let’s try something new.” I told her while walking towards her.

“Marry me, today and every day. Marry me, if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafĂ©. Say you will, say you will. Oh…” Everybody sang.

And then I kneel, “It’s been how many years. We’re still together. I knew it from the start, we’re infinite.” Her tears fell down and wiped it while smiling at me. She knew it! I continued “You’re not the one, because you’re my only one. You’re not a princess, because you are my princess. And from this moment, I’m asking you to be part of my castle, and be my queen Sittie. Marry me…”

She wore the ring I’m holding, hugged me, and screams “Yes! Yes Carter, I will!” Everyone claps and I gave her another flowers. Those are eleven and including one rose that is fake. I will stay with her and love her until the last flower fades.

Yes that’s the luckiest day I’ve ever had. I can still recall Xander’s fatigue and exhaustion just to help me do that thing. I am really blessed to have this buddy with me, it’s like I got a brother from another family. He’s behind every gifts and surprises for Sittie. I don’t know why Xander doesn’t like to have any affair with someone, but I think the girl he’ll fall in love with is very fortunate to have him… soon. So, since Xander doesn’t have anything to do except work and family stuff, he always invites the two of us, Sittie, to visit him on his unit. There, we watch movies, eat some snacks, talk and tell jokes. We’re so close, that my life without him is like my life before, my childhood. I’m really blessed with these people beside me, Sittie and Xander. They’re one of the reasons why I smile each morning and when every night ends.

Seven years, Sittie and I, pleasure, contentment, laughter, moments, challenges, trials, eternal love, passion, every single thing, why it seems that there’s missing?

I’m losing hope. A sudden breakdown! I should not! No!

Imagine, for seven years, the two of us still don’t have a child. Every husband dreamed of having a kid. I always wished to have offspring with me, the ones who will bond with me, laugh with me, teach them their lessons at school, help them with their problems, and give them advices when they need it.

One thing, I want to be a dad, I want to have children, by giving the, so much attention, by treating them my princes and my princesses; I’ll let them feel that they should not experience my childhood, wicked and ruthless. I want to them glad, not like me before, Carter the bully, Carter the ugly, Carter the ignored, Carter, Carter, Carter. Nobody loves me before, that’s what I felt. I never want to see myself before in their childhood; I want it to be colorful and cheerful. But how can I have these dreams? I thought it’s Sittie who can complete my hopes, but she’s not. I need time. I need space. I need everything that would refresh me.

I renewed this time. I changed! I’m different this time.

I became attracted to other girls, well? For me, it’s far more fascinating to seduce different women than actual long-term relationships. I became a serial dater, a womanizer. Who cares? I don’t have these kids to feed up, to help nor to guide, it’ll be okay. And about Sittie? She’ll still be fine. There’s this burden in my heart. I ignored her despite all the love and care she gave me.

One night, I came to a bar. Here’s where my pleasure is. Liquor, disco lights, girls, my greed! While drinking, a lassie comes to my sight. Fast but yes, I approached her since I bet she’s looking at me. We talked and as the time passed by, we realized that we’re drunk, we danced, did everything like it’s the end of the world. Unexpectedly, she pulled me closer to her, looked into my eyes, and slowly kissed me, torridly, sweet and tender. We’re kissing, but my tears are falling, I don’t know why. I’m depressed. I’m miserable. I stopped and run away.

I went home, and Sittie’s waiting for me. Sittie’s lying down on a couch and she seemed to be sleeping there and waiting for me until I got home. I woke her up “Sittie, go upstairs!” She hugged me, there’s this warm arms wrapped around me. I removed her arms away from me and went to my room.

Another day came; I’m still dismayed of what’s happening to me. I’m from work and I’m tired. It’s not rest who will make me feel better. I packed my things then went to a club. There, I think a lot. I reflect. Then, I saw this well-dressed and sophisticated woman sitting right next to the waiter’s area. Again, another lady! While I’m drinking, I’m looking at her. She smiled and I smiled at her too. This woman walks and seated beside me, she asked my named

“Your name, Mr.?”

I said, “Carter, beautiful lady. And you are…”

She offered her hands and said “Denise, Mr. Carter.”

The two of us talked and shared stories. I never knew she would be wild after we drink. Denise pulled me towards her and brought me to her car. There, she did whatever she likes and I just ride her trip. The rest? I’ll leave you the idea what happens next.

19th of December 2009, I met another girl and I brought her home. Luckily, Sittie’s not in our house and I don’t know where she is. She doesn’t have work anymore because she resigned and the reason why is still hanging on my mind. These past few days, I think she felt that I’m bringing in women in our house so she went out too, hang out or seek her mom’s advice maybe. Huh! I still don’t care, as far as I enjoy. At my room, we, the girl I brought home, brings back the pleasure I’m searching for.

Just as I woke, she’s gone. And I saw Sittie cleaning up the mess we’ve made. I even saw her getting that girl’s underclothes. I closed my eyes again and breathe. I tried to let things process on my mind. Then, when I opened my eye, that’s when I realized Sittie left the room.

21st of December 2009, I look pale and look like I have to unwind. I went to the seaside, sit alone. Until one woman sits beside me and she said

“You have a problem, I can sense it.”

I smiled and we exchange thoughts together. Soon, we ride on my car. Unexpectedly, she seduced me. I’m not drunk or anything. I’m not on the right state. She’s trying to reach my… but I removed her hands. She gets mad and we fought. Then I saw a huge truck of metals. Careless! Offhand! We bumped!

I just woke up and saw nothing inside my room at the hospital. Who brought me here? Where’s Sittie? Where’s Xander? I wonder, they’re always there for me thought I’m not getting closer to them as the time passed by. Maybe they tried to forget me.

“Get up Carter!”

“Right from this moment, we’ll be together through the struggles and challenges, sweetness and joy. I love you Carter and I’ll always do.”

“A merry Christmas once again, I guess. Happy Anniversary!”

“Yes! Yes Carter, I will!”

Flashbacks! Memories! Everything’s getting into my mind. Also, my pleasure, beer, girls around me before, sways their bodies, all going in front of me, disco lights, loud laughter, flirt voices and darkness… All, it’s my mistakes. Now that I need their help, now that I needed them to comfort me, now… They’re not here beside me; I ask the assistance of the nurse to call my wife. But no one’s answering her phone. Where’s Sittie?

24th of December, Christmas Eve, I was discharged in the hospital, I’m now feeling well. I went home and nobody’s there. Everything was dull and grey. I called Xander but he’s not answering his phone too. It’s Christmas Eve, maybe he’s with some of his friends or I think his family. And Sittie… Where is she?

I decided to visit Xander’s unit to check if he’s still there. I want to confess everything. I want to say sorry. I regret everything that I did before. Sittie and Xander love me, why did I do those things to them?

I forgot them, I ignored them. I went to his condo and ran to reach his unit. I knocked but nobody’s answering me. The door was open so I entered slowly. No one’s in the living room and even his kitchen, so I decided to call him. His phone rung and I heard it from his bedroom. I went nearer and stopped the call.

I heard his voice and a familiar voice inside Xander’s room.

“I love you but we’re intricate. Everything’s complicated.”

Xander said, “Everything’s gonna be alright, trust me.” The girl said.

The door’s open slightly so I peek. Inside, I saw a strange ring.

“And from this moment, I’m asking you to be part of my castle, be my queen Sittie. Marry me…”

It’s all coming back. Yes! That was the ring I’ve given to Sittie when I proposed to her. But, why that ring was inside Xander’s room?

I saw Xander with a familiar girl. They’re kissing and holding eachother’s hands. The girl wrapped her arms around Xander and they lie down. My heart breaks into pieces, my tears fell down, and it’s Sittie. I’m becoming weak and frail. Surprisingly, I moved the door causing the two to notice me. They stop themselves from kissing and stood up.

“Carter, wait let me explain all of this. Buddy, we’re…” Xander said.

“You don’t have to.” Speechless and dumb, I ran. I just saw Sittie looking at me and she’s anxious. I thought they will never cheat on me. I trusted people so much and thought they will accept me with my downfalls. But, that was my entire fault… I became wild and rebellious because of a single thing, Sittie can’t give me kids. Tonight’s gonna be the worst Christmas Eve I’ve ever had.

I went home, tired, exhausted, weary and pale. I am Carter, a man who let the people who value me most disappear. I’m such a failure and disappointment! Why did I let them threw me away? Why did I let the, realize that I never treasure them? Tell me why! Now, I don’t know where to start again. I don’t know how to repair myself from the destruction I experienced and from the despair I did. I don’t know who will be there for me until I die.

30th of December 2009. I’m alone and still weary. I looked around and focused. Then my phone rings. It’s Xander! I answered his call but I didn’t say a thing but I listened to him. He said “Carter, I’m not expecting you to talk to me again after all my mistakes I’ve done to you. But you need to come here. Sittie needed you here in the hospital. She’s confined because she met a terrible accident. Carter, you are her husband and you must go here as soon as possible to check her. Bro, I’m so sorry. The two of you need totalk and I think I must go away from the two of you. Change for the better Carter! Sittie loves you and she’s still longing for that everlasting love you promised her. I love both of you so I want you to be happy.”

I wore my clothes and ran to the hospital. When I arrived, I searched for Sittie. I talked to te nurse and she lead me to Sittie’s room. Finally I saw her. I entered her room and she looked at me. I smiled and hugged her. She hugged me back and cries. “Sorry Carter, I love you!” I touched her face, her hair and her lips. I didn’t say a thing. I still love Sittie, I really do. I regret all the things I’ve done to her. I must take care of my queen. I don’t need to let her live this life alon. We promised each other to be together forever and I must face the vows I’ve given to her. “Sittie, do still remember the fake flower I’ve given you. It’s here! My love for you will just fade if this flower died. But it will never die. I’ll always love you, Sittie.”

I looked at her and she smiled at me. Ooops! I need to look for Xander.

“Sittie, I need to find Xander. I’ll leave you for a while but I’ll come back.”

I find for Xander at the hospital. Then, I found him at the chapel, praying. I seated beside him. He looked at ne. Xander smiled and said

“Sittie really loves you. She needs your time. She needs you every now and then. You know Carter; she’s a really worthy woman. You’re absolutely lucky to have this wife beside you. I’m planning to work abroad and I need to move out of the country for the two of you to live happily and fruitful. Take care of her, bro! Regret leaving her! Regret hurting her! Till we meet again! Thank you for everything.” I catch my breath and said “Thank you for taking care of her. I’ll promise to love her eternally and evermore. Take care, buddy!” Xander hugged me then he leave.

Today is 24th of December 2010, it’s been a year since the tragic we’re faced. We moved on and now, Sittie and I were still together. We adopted a twin, a girl and a boy. We’re living a happy life now. I must thank God for his kindness! Tomorrow’s our anniversary, another year to celebrate and another moment to be remembered!

I changed myself for the better. I changed to take off the handcuff and the jails of my childhood and my past. I changed because I need to. Now, I’m proud to say that I am Carter, a man full of dreams and a man who’s valued and loved.

Contributed by Amily Ancuelo

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  1. I liked the way Carter changed at the end of the story. Although he had a mistake at first, he eventually realized all those mistakes and learned from it. The story made me realized that we should be contented on what we have and learn to value those things. Great plot :)


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