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Prenup Photoshoot of Mark and Batch at Pico De Loro Cove of Hamilo Coast

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Many people tend to become more creative especially when they're in love. I remember creating my own customized love letters patiently decorated with a bunch of  my own differently shaped and colored cut-outs, aside from the highfalutin words that were written to impress.

I became more artistic and learned to appreciate everything around me. I never paid attention to the meaning of the lyrics of songs before but everything changed when I fell in love. Imagine how I would carefully dissect the words of a song to find out what would best match my intentions to the lady I was courting. I did all sorts of surprising things that I never realized I could do. I was obviously inspired. I was definitely always in a great mood. It seems love has a way to make us more intricately creative, socially aware and more intact with our deep personal thoughts and feelings.

As long as I have the means, I did everything I thought would make my courtship a lot more interesting. I aim to make my self look good, and that sometimes involves showing off more than what I normally would do.

We have to admit that we become more than the usual when we are truly in love, and we turn into selfless kindhearted individuals when we are around the lady or gentleman we desire to become a part of our life, now and for eternity.

All the effort was finally rewarded with an awesome "YES" to signify the new bond as lovers, and eventually to highlight the relationship, a prenup photoshoot took place leading to the much awaited marriage. It should be as special as or relationship. It should be the best we could possibly arrange. Anything and everything for our special someone.The venue of the prenup photoshoot should be as fascinating as our love for each other. It should be as magical as our affair.

The Pico De Loro cove at Hamilo Coast located in Nasugbu, Batangas is one outstanding destination that is blessed with lush green mountains and a majestic beach. The property is also the perfect place for some peace and quiet since the establishment is exclusive for members and their guests only. The number of people you could see seems like just a handful. It actually feels like you have the place all to your own.




Serenity at its finest, the place is truly ideal for a prenup photoshoot. The place served as our personal outdoor studio where we had all the time to take photos of the couple, namely Mark Balahadia and Batch Malenab, from a serene afternoon all over and around the cove, until the dramatic sunset along the beach of Pico De Loro.

I have several photos to show too so please watch out for it soon at the Facebook fan page of Wazzup Pilipinas

The couple hired a professional photographer, plus expert hair and make-up stylists to make the couple looking so great both in person and on their photos. I'm only using a simple camera here so expect better photos to come out from pro photographer Bogs Ignacio, who has been a family favorite in capturing their special moments. I'm sure he was able to enhance the photos with his more advanced photography equipment and software.

It seems prenup photo shots are already a necessity nowadays. It's a demonstration of how we truly appreciate an upcoming special event where we bond as one with our special someone. It's an announcement to the whole world of an upcoming big event between the two of you. It's a statement declaring how the both of you are deeply in love with each other.

This was similar to when I was requested to cover the birdwatching activities of international delegates at an event held in Zamboanga. I was there watching the bird-watchers as I am now taking photos of the photographer at work. This is a documentation of how things went, and how excited everyone is for that special day sometime next year.

I will also be there to witness the next celebration when both hearts tie the knot during the wedding ceremonies. It will be a marriage filled with emotions accumulated within the several years of courtship and being lovers.

When sunset came, it meant differently for me. The beauty of the backdrop was simply breath-taking especially with the couple in the forefront of everything. The clouds may have covered the beauty of the sun slowly disappearing from afar, yet the sight was still so magnificent to behold.

There is an enchanting feeling every time we see two lovers that are so hopeful for a bright future ahead. For me, every sunset is a reminder of another sunrise, another opportunity to begin another day - a lot better than today.

Congratulations to the soon to be husband and wife. See you again soon at your wedding!

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