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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Unity for Success

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Some of the problems that our society faces when in terms of being a student are bullying and pride. In the story, there are some aspects of bullying because one doesn’t like the personality of the other particularly when Ben does not allow Lovelle to be part of the project instead of giving her a chance to work with him.

Another one is pride. That is when Ben cannot accept the fact that there is someone who has been better than what he got. This leads to misunderstanding and sometimes students may end up fighting and some do destroys each others name.

It is not that we are the winners all the time. If we want to be successful, then we should strive hard and make the best happen. If we lose, then it is the time that we should accept the truth and aim better. It is also best if we need to be humid. That despite of all the success that we may have in life, we still need not to be more than our limitations and still be ready for new beginnings, new friends and new opportunities.

The theme for the story is the camaraderie and the unity that each one of us should have within ourselves because no matter how best we are, no matter how great we are, we can never live alone.

Please read on and enjoy our short story for the day.

Once, there was this young lady named Lovelle who had transferred to a school with a lower tuition than her previous school because their business is near-to bankruptcy and with that, her parents had decided to transfer her to lower down daily expenses. She is already on her 4th year in high school and that is why it was difficult for her to transfer since she had already performed very well in her previous school. She has been on the top of the class ever since first year of her high school life. But since her family is facing a major problem, she needed to go with all the decision her parents need to do.

On her first day of school, she find it difficult to adjust since she had used to a high-social life and on her new school, most of the students there are as simple as it is. So, she tried to be so simple to avoid people to look at her and to talk about her. Like other schools, it was already a school tradition that new students should introduce their selves for them to be known by their classmates too. So, in their class, Lovelle stood up and introduced herself. “Good morning guys. I am Lovelle Marie Perez. I am hoping for us to be good friends and that we could instill camaraderie between us. Thank you.” And then she sat back on her chair.

In every lesson and classes they have, she is still on-top of the class. One time, her teacher told her that she is going to be their class’ representative for the Math League in which whoever wins the contest, he/she will be the one to represent their school in the Inter-School Math League Competition. Lovelle prepared enough for this because all she wants is to have the same performance like what she had on her previous school since all she ever wanted was to make her parents proud and happy even on their biggest problem in life. Ever since her parents had entered business life, both of them has no time for her. No meetings are being attended and so as on the day she is being recognized as their class each year’s first honors.

On the day of the competition, she is so nervous but still she was proclaimed as the new champion and defeated the previous years’ champion named Ben. With this, everybody was amazed because he is a popular student in their school since he’s one of the best players of the varsities in volleyball, one of the school heart throbs, running as the valedictorian of their batch, always the champion of the said event and his father is one of the school’s biggest donors.

After that event, her classmates were really amazed of her success. She has already a lot of friends and she even tutored her classmates on some assignments that her classmates find it difficult to answer. One time, one of her teacher talked to her. She proceeded at her teacher’s faculty room and ask what was that favor. “Good afternoon Miss Rodriguez. I’m here to ask for the favor you’re suppose to ask for me Miss” she said. “Okay dear. Just wait for some moment. I’m still waiting on the other one whom I’ll be asking the same favor with” her teacher answered.

She then sat on the chair in front of her teacher’s table. They waited for thirty minutes before one male student arrived and said “Miss, I’m so sorry I’m late. I just can’t get out immediately on the volleyball practice.” Then, her teacher answered “its okay Mr. Ben Villanueva. Next time, know your priorities first. Well then, so much for that. I called you both Mr. Villanueva and Miss Perez because I’m going to ask you one favor of being together in one project for our Science Fair.” Then Ben looks at Lovelle and interrupted the talk. “You?” he said. “I ain’t gonna have a project with this fella Miss” he continued. Then Lovelle give no any reaction on what he said. “Mr. Villanueva! That is very ungentle of you” their teacher answered. “This project is good for the both of you and it is very inappropriate to act like that in front of me” their teacher continued. “I’m so sorry for that Miss.” Ben said. “So to continue,” Their teacher said, “You are going to investigate and show how electricity is converted from a simple energy from a volcano up to the electricity company and how did they converted it to supply millions of houses. For you to know then that you are going to exhibit this at our Science Fair Celebration. Are you willing?” “Yes” they answered altogether and then looked at each other. “I’ll look forward on that. Both of you can go now” told by their teacher. “Thank you Miss” they had answered this together again and then they looked at each other and slowly walked out the faculty room’s door.

Ben had walked so fast to get rid of Lovelle’s presence. “Hey! Mr. Bean!” Lovelle shouted at Ben. Then Ben stopped and looked back at Lovelle and shouted, “I’m not Mr. Bean! I am Ben. It is letter B, letter E and letter N for your information” and then continued walking. Lovelle laughed so hard and said “That’s so gay of you” and continued laughing. Ben walked towards Lovelle and pulled her toward his body. “What are you doing?” Lovelle asked Ben with a shocking face. “Do I need to kiss you just to prove I am not gay” then Lovelle laughed again and get his body off of Ben’s arms. “That is even so gay of you! You know what? It will be very fun to tease you. Bye Mr. Bean. I mean Ben” Lovelle said. She then walked away leaving Ben speechless.

That was the start of their teasing moments. They started with the project immediately since Ben wanted to prove that he is smarter than Lovelle. Ben does all the experiments and interview. “Why don’t you let me help you?” Lovelle asked since she can’t help Ben properly with his kind of attitude. “No need. I can manage. I don’t know why Miss Rodriguez gave me such one partner like you. Anyway I can manage this one by myself.” Ben said. “Okay fine! If that’s what you want. I’m going to leave you with all of that. Don’t you ever dare to ask me to help you with that.” Then Lovelle packed her things up. “My pleasure for that Ms. Math League Champion” Ben said before Lovelle had left. Ever since that day, Lovelle did all her best to get rid of Ben’s presence.

One time, Lovelle was shocked because Miss Rodriguez called her to go at the faculty room and Miss Rodriguez’s face looks so mad. When she got there, she saw Ben in front of Miss Rodriguez’s table but Miss Rodriguez is not yet there. She decided to sit there even though the teacher isn’t there yet and just pretend Ben is not there. Ben is just looking at her and she just bowed her head down while waiting for Ms. Rodriguez to arrive.

After two minutes, Miss Rodriguez had arrived. “I’ve heard from some students that you two are not making the project together and I’m so disappointed for the both of you” Miss Rodriguez said. “The reason why I chose the both of you for this project is that you both could create one big project. Why are you acting like you don’t need any help Mr. Villanueva? And why did you let Mr. Villanueva to be that harsh on you Ms Perez? You two should solve the issues between the both of you because I want you still for the project and I don’t want any dismay once again, do you understand?” then both of them nodded. “You both may leave now.

Both of them had left Miss Rodriguez’s table. Lovelle chose to remain silent and go away but Ben holds her hand. Lovelle was shocked and looked at her hands being hold by Ben then look at Ben’s eyes. She tried to pull her hands away from his grip but then she can’t. “I’m sorry for being that harsh Vel. It is just that I am so affected with my lost during the Math League.” Lovelle just keeps her mouth shut.

Ben had brought her at the canteen and bought her something to eat and drink. “We are not leaving this place unless we can’t resolve the issue” Ben said. Then Lovelle looked at him and said “Why are you so aggressive? I mean, you want everyone to follow what you want? Why are you so boastful and why are you so ferocious?”

Ben lost a smile on his face and bowed his head down. “Am I really like that?” he said. “Well then I’m so sorry. Maybe because I wanted to boast to my family that I am the best student in our batch since they are one of the biggest donors here in our school and it is a shame if I am not the best” Ben continued. “You know what Ben, life is not about being the best, it’s not about being perfect but life is about being yourself. You don’t need to live a life full of stress and you should also accept your loose and share the blessing of being the winner. We should not act the way others want us to but the way God wants us too. What is success if you are having a negative impact to God and if you are already cruel to your one kind? It is very acceptable if others are harsh on you and you are not on them because what’re important are yourself and your relationship with God. If you have a good relationship with Him, then good deeds will just follow” Lovelle explained.

“How did you do that?” Ben asked. With confusions, Lovelle answered “Did what?” “That attitude of being good even I’ve been harsh on you?” Ben answered. “Do I need to repeat what I just have said?” Lovelle said. “Oh! I’m Sorry for that Vel.” “No, it’s okay Ben. You should be proud because you have a supporting father on you and it is only you who wanted more even though that is only your capacity. If you are going to force that, you will only hurt yourself. Unlike me, I know I am also the same as you that I wanted to make my parents proud of me but I never thought of putting someone down. Ever since my parents engage in a business, they have no more time on me anymore and that’s why I’m doing my best just maybe because I can have simple achievements that could catch their attention any time and could give me some time to be appreciated once again and I’m sorry if I defeated you in Math League.” Then Ben holds Lovelle’s hand and said “No Vel, I am sorry. We need to work this project out so that we could both make our parents proud” Then they have a high-five.

Ever since then, they have worked hard for the project and during the exhibit; they were awarded as the “Best Exhibit of the Year.” After getting the award, Lovelle brought Ben at the backstage. “What are we doing here?” Ben asked. Lovelle just smiled and grab Ben’s hand going at one corner of the back stage. There, are Ben’s parents. “Surprise” Lovelle said while smiling. “Oh! There you are son! Congratulations!” Ben’s father said. “I know your potentials son and I am so proud you are our son” Ben’s mother added. “How did you know?” Ben asked. “Well, Lovelle asked us to come here and witness you perform your exhibit. I never thought both of you can create such an idea like that” Ben’s mother explained.

They talk for almost ten minutes when Ben remembered something. “Mom, Dad, excuse us for a while, I just have something to show to Lovelle.” Ben said and grabbed Lovelle’s hand and brought her at the audience area down the stage. “What are we doing here Ben?” Lovelle asked. “Just wait” Ben answered. Lovelle was astounded because her parents were there. “Hi! Lovelle dear, me and your dad is so proud of you” Lovelle’s mother said. “I never thought you could be as best as this” Lovelle’s father said. “Thank you so much Mom and Dad!” a teary-eyed Lovelle said and hugged her parents. “Ben told us about this and we cancelled all our appointments to witness your exhibit and believe me it is great!”Lovelle’s mother explained. “Look at it Vel. Just see how the same our minds think? We even have the same surprise at each other” Ben said. Then Ben and Lovelle just laughed with a great smile on their face.

Contributed by Cara Larize A. De Villa

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  1. Downfall is something we cannot preclude. Situations like that happen oftentimes but people tend to notice only the displeasing side of failure. Instead of using it as our inspiration to do better next time, we try to intimidate the one who once defeated us and treat them unjustly. It is good that the story has a positive resolution. We should not let our pride destroy our humanity. It is a great story! It will remind us of the right thing to do when we experience failure.

    - Rose Marl Cheong

  2. It's such a great story to be read because you can really appreciate the lesson or the message that author wants convey with the readers.
    Good Job for the author 😊- Arlene Joyce Helomina


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