Sunday, January 5, 2014

Should We Ban Junk Food from School Canteens?

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It's parents' responsibility to feed their children healthy foods. They make sure that the baon for their children is healthy as possible. But because of technology, many instant foods, junk foods and unhealthy foods are freely distributed or being sold. Surprisingly, even school canteens offer it. The question is, Should we ban junk foods from school canteen?

In my opinion, a very big YES! Junk means Cheap, shoddy, or worthless. Would you allow your children eat those worthless chips?

Is it proper for the school to offer them if those food will make their student sick or unhealthy? It's given that junk foods are delicious but the consequences are bigger and more damaging. The nutrients like vitamins and minerals are too less in junk foods while the amount of calories are more. It contains salt and heavy sugar. Both are called white poison in the body. Eating so much of these result in hormonal imbalance, obesity, stunted growth and many diseases.

Those are the bad effects of junk foods so why would the canteens offer them. The students will be affected. Even their study habits will turn bad, more absents because of sickness and slow learning. The government should promote Healthy Living.


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  1. Yes. We should ban junk foods from school canteen. Younger generations learned their first "this and that" mostly if not at home, from school. School should not only contribute to the mental progress of the students but as well as their physical nourishment. It is the right food to eat for them to live a healthy and long life in the future.

  2. YES! Junk foods are not good. There's nothing to it but air, salt and flavoring. Most of us spend a lot of our time in school and if these things are sold in school, it's like they are saying it's good. It's a form of encouragement which is contrary to what the school is actually teaching.


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