Sunday, January 5, 2014

Piracy: Do You Think You Can Stop It?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Movies and songs are everywhere. You can download it straight from the internet without even spending a single penny. The reason why they’re within our reach? ...PIRACY! This issue is not new. Authorities tried to put an end to it and get rid of the people behind this crime but it seems like there’s nothing they can do about this.

Let me just call those people behind this as PIRATES. I think Pirates are not even threatened by the punishments and the consequences they may get when the government proved them guilty. They seem to be so confident and brave and proud.

Why did I say so? Because pirated movies and songs are still abundant. They are still everywhere. There are still plenty of websites offering free but pirated copies these. Well, for us consumers, it’s a good thing ‘cause we can watch latest movies and jam with our favorite songs with just a single click. But for others, it’s unfair.

If you would ask me, I would say that it really is unfair. People behind these movies and songs spend time, effort, and of course money just to come up with something for the public to patronize. But because of piracy, most people tend to acquire pirated copies of these, wasting efforts and hard works of record labels and movie productions. Instead of earning something, they end up getting nothing. For example, if a man, who watched a pirated copy of the movie, bought a ticket and watched it inside a movie house he should have helped the people behind that movie gain something.

So I challenge you. Try not to patronize pirated movies and music from now on. Think you can do it? Tell me! Here’s my twitter account: Hihi :)

Piracy seems unstoppable. But if we just try to do something to put an end to it, I’m sure it is possible. :D

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  1. Piracy is everywhere, in your local market and even in the INTERNET. We can download our favorite music, movies etc. in the internet which are pirated! "Can we stop piracy?", there's so many people using the internet and many are pirates as they call them. We CAN'T stop piracy right now but we can eliminate them from time to time.

  2. In my opinion, internet piracy is the hardest type of piracy to stop, because the love of internet users to enjoyable but free things is really shown in many ways, especially in downloading applications, music, games, and etc.
    The only way to stop piracy is to stop doing it ourselves.

  3. Seems impossible to stop but if the law will be more strict, maybe there's a chance. It's just bad that we are enjoying other people's intellectual property which they have been working on for months and sometimes years with just a simple click on our PC. Just a simple word to think about, RESPECT.

  4. it's very impossible to stop it. technology made it possible for the people to download everything illegal. It's up to that person if he will buy the original or just download it. we can't blame piracy cause it's for free.

  5. Piracy is wrong. It's never just for it is stealing. However, with the rampant act of piracy , it's should be a wake-up call to all capitalist and music outlets to lessen the price of their products so that consumers would buy the legitimate ones. They must remember that not all can afford to buy.


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