Friday, January 10, 2014

Nancy Binay and the Nazareno

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I'm seeing a lot of this tweets supposedly from a Nancy Binay fake account making jokes about herself and linking it with the Nazareno theme depicting Nancy Binay as being confused by people for the Black Nazarene.

I get it. It's because the color of her skin is black like that of the Nazareno? Yeah!

The Binay's always get that kind of joke pertaining to their dark complexion, as if majority of the pure Filipinos are not dark in skin color. Well, maybe some of us are "brown monkeys" but a lot of us really appreciate the more light-colored skin influenced by our foreign neighbors.

Poor Binays being joked around all over the Internet with reference to their unfortunate Filipino skin color, and the rest of the Fil-Ams being praised and idolized for being so "Westernly" attractive.

I am aware that majority of the source of hate comes from the "politically motivated" reasons. We have a lot of dark-skinned idols (but most of them are foreigners). The latest I know that has a positive treatment from the crowd is beauty-title holder Venus Raj, but only because she won a place among the beauties of the world. If these people did not have any form of recognition, then people may just be making a laughing stock out of them when they see them in the streets.

Politicians, whether with dark or fair  or white complexion, get a lot of hate from the people. Especially when there are issues coming out against them, and thus they are generalized as "scums of the Earth".

Who can blaim the people when we see quite a huge number of politicians getting involved in scams and illegal activities.

Do we really make the Binays look like fools and attack them thru their skin color? Do they deserve these kind of treatment?

We may think its so funny making fun of people until it is us on the hot seat.

Let us all be careful in treating our fellowmen because for sure this will backfire on us soon.

*Tweets from IAmNancyBinay Twitter handle

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