Monday, January 6, 2014

Am I Safe on the Streets?

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The word “safety” can be defined as the state or condition of being protected from risks or danger, but we all know that safety is more than just a word, because in reality, it is an assurance that we can live a happy and secured life.

Sometimes, the social safety of a person depends on his habiliment,attitude,and choices.Generally, a man's safety is defined by his own actions.

The streets that we are referring in the title is not taken literally, we can also refer to the crowded or non-illuminated ones.
The pictures displayed are taken during night time because that is when we feel most vulnerable to danger and risks especially on the road.

 The first photo shows a man who sleeps under the foot bridge near a funfair, of course, one of the things that will be questioned is his safety. How could he sleep so tight? Because if we look at the bigger picture of his environment, the funfair is very crowded, full of noise, and maybe, people with wicked minds. We can also see that this man shows weakness and senility.

Now, for a moment, let us think like a thief or a criminal, would we decide to rob this man, who, as we can observe, has no riches? Most probably, the answer will be no, because we will not get any benefit from him.

See? Somehow, the man's appearance saved him from danger. But, what if we will replace the man with a girl whose clothes are neat and elegant and wears authentic gold jewelries?
Then, think again like a criminal , probably , there's no room for second thoughts.

Yes, the places where we are going might be dark, scary, and suspicious.

It is normal as a human to be afraid for ourselves and for our safety , and we should think many times before going into the places where we can see no one , hear no one, but can feel someone.
Aside from these precautions , we should also think or do another thing,

 We should also think and act plain in these places, because extravagance, elegance, and money show-off may just be the cost of our lives.

Are we really safe on streets?
The answer depends on us and on how we interact with other people , because our safety is not always defined by the place where we are residing , but we are all sure that it can be affected by our own actions.

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  2. I think that we must be careful where ever we maybe and whatever we do. We must be watchful and steadfast not only with the places we go to and the actions of the people around us but also with our own actions. Because, you'll never know that it might be you who causes fear and panic to other people.


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