Sunday, January 5, 2014

Political Dynasty: Why We Should Stop Voting for Them

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A Layer for Mayor, a Layer for Governor. Aren’t you tired of rulers with the same surnames? We can see it every weekday night through the tv show Honesto. We know the things that they did from their campaign to their service. Well what can you say about it? It’s a Political Dynasty for sure.

Political Dynasties have their pros but if you will look at it more closely, their cons could cover up their pros. What are some of those cons, you may ask, are the following:

1. A political dynasty can exist as long as it can.
2. A political dynasty can make a family too much powerful.
3. A political dynasty can cause only one family to rule, thus making other parties lose their chance to serve.
4. A political dynasty can engage in corruption.
5. A political dynasty may silence a person who is willing to serve, thus making others to be afraid of competing against them.

                                                      * An example of a Political Dynasty

So what do you think? Are you still going to vote for them? Well whatever your answer is, always remember to vote wisely.

P.S. This article is opinionated. I hope that no one will be offended. Anyway, thanks for reading. Until next time.

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  1. in my opinion, we should stop this kind of system. not everytime, but corruption starts in political dynasty. sometimes they only care for themselves before their countrymen. that's why Philippines will never cope up and still a corrupt country. Please vote wisely.

  2. There are many thing you should consider before stopping voting for them. If that political dynasty is working well in terms of their projects, well you can consider them voting again. But if they aren't having projects in the community, then that's the time you should stop voting them. Corruption is very well present and it is not new to us.

  3. I agree. Political Dynasties have their pros but of course, we should also consider the many cons. we always hear during elections to vote wisely but have we really voted for the right candidate? For me, having a bunch of family members in the government is not bad at all as long as they are doing it righteously and with integrity. We are talking of individuality here and other people's fault cannot be blamed to others who are doing their job quite well.

  4. What if we let non-voters, illegal aliens, VISA stayers vote too, but didn't count the votes only showed how that percentage voted, thus everyone could see what they believe they'd like as well, and why not let everyone with a smart phone vote in the same way like the 13-year olds but just tally the votes for all to see, but don't count them. I think that data is valuable too.

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