Saturday, September 28, 2013

Success! We are UnbelievaBerz!

Wazzup Pilipinaaaaasss?!!

Many activities were given by the school to help us explore our talents and especially, to know more and bond with our classmates. These past few months, I can truly say that it was so exhausting but exciting. First, we prepared for our Aerodance. We practiced for many nights and days for the competition. We exerted so much effort because we were pressured. Last year's champion were from IV-Berzelius which is my present section. Many stressful moments that we've encountered especially in Leira's part. She patiently choreographed our steps to make it presentable.

The most exciting part is that we crammed our steps! We practiced one day before the competition. It took us 5 hours to finish the last part of our aerodance, the cool-down. Many  were raising their voice because of the mistakes we made. Our parents were calling us because it's already late. Leira and Cherry decided to continue practicing tomorrow, which is the competition day. We were very nervous because it's not perfect and maybe we will present it badly.

The day has come! The aero competition. Seven sections were preparing for the much awaited competition for Seniors. That day, we practiced and polished the steps. It's kinda exhausting because of all the 

We tried to practice at the gym. When we reached the gym, we realized that we don't have a big player. Many students were there and our music can't be heard! I freaked out inside. We haven't memorized some steps and this was our last chance to practice. Wolvie and I borrowed some speakers, we even asked Mr. Schaumburg, our World History teacher for the speakers but he's using it for his class. I almost give up but I remembered Sir Poks. Aidan spoke to him and lent us his speakers. Problem solved! 

AeroDance competition

One hour before the competition, Leira made some minute changes. Many of us worried because maybe we will forget but we exerted efforts to memorize it.

We are the Third performer. Our adviser, Mr. Ronald Dumapias was there to support us. When we were called, we did our best to perform well.

The one of the best part of our dance, our boys were ready to dance like a girl! wohooo!

When we're all finished, we danced the "Wellness" all together. It was very happy to see all the Seniors being bonded because of that dance. After that, the results were announced. 3rd is the Copernicus, 2nd is Lewis and the CHAMPION, BERZELIUS! 

I really can't breathe by that time, stoked and happy. Those exhausting practices and misunderstandings, all worth it! 

Thanks to our beloved adviser, sir Dumapias, our Mapeh teacher, sir Gabby, sir Raffy and especially God!

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