Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Song. Our Chance.

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Everyone experiences failure and we must not take them negatively instead we should use it as a motivation to strive harder for success. Failures must not be a burden we have to carry every time we remember it, it is there to be a lesson.

We experienced failure on our first competition as a section, during our Aerodance. It really made me feel hopeless because that was the same scenario last third year, my section ranked lowest on the said competition. Why does it need to happen again this year? Why can’t we just be on the middle that will do, why lowest again? But one contest took  the hope out of me, the “Likang Awit”. It is one of the contests brought up by the Filipino department for the “Buwan of Wika” celebration. I thought that, if our section is not up for dancing competitions, maybe we can compete with singing. There is always hope and another chance to prove that we are something.

Every section from Grade 7 to 4th year are included in this competition. We, 4th year students,  will have to choose from the songs we composed for our project in Filipino that 1st Grading Period. Each section have 2 songs for an option.  In our case, we did not use the composition of my group because it is really not qualified for competition. Luckily, the other group from our section made a really amazing song. The song is entitled “Tara”. Alo, one of our classmates, really made a good tune which is easy to sing along and remember. The lyrics which is written by Gee, is also good.  Thank God we have them.

During the elimination round, we ranked 2nd and we really did not expect it. After that, we were given some advice by our computer teacher, Sir Raffy, of what we can add to our presentation in order for us to beat the lower levels. He said that we should not merely sit on the bleachers and sing like what we did on the elimination round instead as our classmate, Audrei,  rap  “Look at me now” we should make 3 bleachers move while she is seated on the middle bleacher.

He also suggested that we should use the cup song beat. We combined his ideas and ours,  and came up with a production number.Unfortunately, we lacked time to practice on real bleachers because of some school issues.  Our adviser, Ms. Carl, also helped us to improve the musicality of our presentation. She added some parts for the boys so that our voices will blend. Thankfully, our boys mastered the parts before the competition started.

In the end, we did not won the competition but we did a good fight, because I know that we did our best during the presentation. Though, I know that we really lacked practice and we can do better if we just have more time. The important thing is, we proved that we can also fight like others, that our section is also up for competitions. I believe that our section is strong and united. I will always love boyle. BOYLE FOREVER.

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  1. This was a performance that I could never forget. We experienced a lot of ups and downs while just to make this performance possible. We didn't have enough practice and there were a lot of changes. But at the end we were united. It is nice to know that the writer of this article could also never forget this epic performance :)

  2. The perfomance was really a tough one. We didn't have enough practice but we had a good time with each other. Winning doesn't really matter, it's the moments we will never forget.

  3. It is a memorable contest to have. Though we won on the first round, we didn't made it on the second one. We didn't had enough time to had a practice. Well, winning is not our goal, it is just a consolation of the efforts we exerted, memories count the most :) . But of course I'm proud and happy that the Seniors reign the Winner slots ..


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