Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Voice of Pascian

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Many students think that Mathematics is a boring subject, but I don’t. We have lots of fun during our Math time in school. Especially during the first quarter where our Mathematics teacher required us to make a song that has to do something with our past lessons in Math. Each group should have 4 to 5 members only. You should also come up with a name for your group. I was grouped with Cherisse Tuazon, Ruth Balasabas, and Daniella Sumagaysay. We named our group f(x).

We started choosing the song that we would use as the basis for the melody. That time one of the famous songs was "Cups" by Anna Kendrick, which was featured in the movie “Pitch Perfect”. After that we began to write the lyrics for our song. The topic that we chose was the point-slope formula. This was one of the hardest things that we encountered in the process of completing our project. We had ups and downs throughout this step. There were lot of arguments about the correct words and correct melody for the song. But with all those things going on, we were able to come up with a song.

The twist in this project was that we were also required to sing our song in front of our teachers, who will be grading us. The event was called “The Voice of Pascian”. Just as the name suggests, we would be imitating the famous game show “The Voice of the Philippines”. For almost 3 exhausting days we tried to practice our song using cups as our instruments. It was very difficult to match the singing with the beat of the cups. We were about to lose hope when Daniella finally knew how to sing while using the cups, then she taught us how to do it.

At the day of our performance we were ready. We were excited at the same time nervous. At that very same day we were informed who our judges would be. We had five judges to impress. If the four of them turns around, you get a perfect score. And if that certain teacher turns around, you get additional points to your periodical exam. 

Before going inside the classroom to perform, we said a short prayer to ask God for guidance so that we wouldn’t commit any mistakes and that we would get a high score. When it was our turn, we were asked to enter the room. As we entered, all the judges were facing at the back. When we started to tap the cups, the judges were surprised to hear something new after hearing other groups play their guitars and pianos. The first two judges who turned approached us while singing to see what we were using to make the strange sound. Then the third judge turned his chair and did the same thing as well. He even tried to make his fellow judge, who was still facing at the back, to turn her chair. When we were able to hit the high note, she finally turned around. That was the sign that we got a perfect score. The “bonus” judge did not turn around so unfortunately we didn’t get additional points.

Even though we were not able to make all 5 judges turn around I am still proud of what we achieved that day. Our target was to get a high score and to impress the judges, and we were able to reach that target. Getting those additional points would just be a consolation prize. Because of this experience I learned to never lose hope, and to have faith in God at all times. 

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  1. awww . Even though I haven't watched your performances, I knew that it was really good because of your descriptions :) We also felt that nervousness before we performed, but it turns out that our performance went well. I want to congratulate all of us for our unique performances :)

  2. Having the chance to sing in front with your bestfriends is really overwhelming. We were so nervous that we even had to say a little prayer before going in. This experience is really unforgettable. Even though we were not able to make all of the judges to turn, at least we had fun! :)


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