Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Being Different Makes IV-Boyle Special

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Second Periodic Test is coming and the things that happened during our first quarter and the past weeks are now history. This article is not about the events in school which are so common like “Pistang Pinoy” and “Aerodance” and I would like to make you connect with my article because what we do in school is also unforgettable and sometimes unplanned which makes it special.

We treat our classmates like our siblings. They are our peers and we have to get along with each other. The bond between us can never be replaced because we are holding on to each other despite the challenges we are going to face throughout the school year.

During the first quarter of our school year, we have experienced things that are mostly unexpected yet these brought happiness and strengthen our friendship. 
During Pistang Pinoy with my former classmates

Selfie with friends ♥


What are those experiences?

It was my first time to…

During our Biology
period w/ Sr Almen
With my bff Martha ♥
(1) …take pictures together with my seatmates during class hours and I am glad that we were not reprimanded. After this experience, I was fond of taking “selfies” with my friends and capturing stolen scenes.

With my friends during club period
(2) …to experience CAT. It is still fresh from my memory in which I almost collapsed, and good thing our platoon leader was so nice that she even asked me to take a rest.

Jose's face during our review
(3) …to attend a college entrance test review without listening to the discussion.

Grade conscious, Martha & Gabby...
and Daniel
(4) …to take our Periodic Test instead of reviewing, I was just disturbing my seatmates.

(5) …to share my food without being “LC” and to “buraot” from our classmates.

(6) …to go home late because of practices for our aerodance and our project in Filipino and Math.
Our Aerodance practice... FUNTIME!!

Filipino practice in Rainforest's Ampitheatre
(7) …to walk home where the flood is up to my legs. Too bad, I have no proof but I can still remember that I paid the tricycle driver with large amount of money but still, I walked until I reach our house.

I am glad that I have experience all of these because it will serve as a memory and it will be a part of my life. I am also glad that we have good relationship and we all complement each other. What I learned from these experiences are how to accept people and let them enter my life and create wonderful memories with them and how to become considerate and sensitive about their feelings.

Our classmates are different from who we are. We should all be connected for the puzzle to be solved. We should reveal the true meaning of family and friendship inside our classroom by building trust and loyalty with one another. We may act silly and look weird but that is just who are and that makes us different from others.


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  1. Another proud student of IV-BOYLE here Daniella ! :) hoooray for Boyle ! haha. But I really agree that being a student of our section brings so much fun to each and everyone of us. I hope that we will experience more funny moments and "barkada times" as we stay together as a big family :)

  2. This article makes me remember the things that happened these past few months. I really can't believe that it has already been almost four month since classes had started. It is true that we get to experience new things every once in a while, and I have experienced a lot during the first four months of this school year. I am still looking forward for a lot of "first times" that may happen for the rest of the school year.

  3. Im so proud I'm a student from IV-Boyle. We are still united whatever challenges might come :-)


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