Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Self-Righteousness Is an Alarming Disease

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One of the letdowns of social media is that we can now cowardly rant against anybody behind the safety of our homes or offices while typing away madly on our computer keyboards or smartphone/tablet keypads. What we fail to realize is that the rant is more likely a call for attention when we felt we were terribly wronged. It is our way to ask for sympathy from others. "Come on everyone, join in on the party. Let us all gang up and hurt somebody!"

What made us snap? We felt our ego was bruised so now we desire to take revenge. We feel we deserve some form of retribution. So what do we do? We rant non-stop until our so-called friends, and everyone else that's clueless within our area of influence, comforts us and share the hate we have against our enemies.

What is alarming? Since the others do not really know even a cinch of what transpired between us and the other party, they will fan the flames just to further heat up our anger and create a bigger fire. Instead of wishing for "world peace" just like our beauty pageant contestants, many will only add further hatred into the equation causing an even bigger chaos. And because we subjected the accused in an unfair and misplaced context to save our own shortcomings, we managed to convince others that we were maltreated.

Is this how we take care of our perceived rotten apples? Strike them down further instead of lifting them up and showing them how to correct the errors of their ways? Thank you very much for these wonderful questions.

We have to remember that this short life we have in this world is like a tour, and we are but tourists with only one guide. However, we rarely learn and remember the same things from the many displays in that museum or exhibit. The extent of our learning will differ on how we interpreted what we saw, heard, smelt, tasted, etc.

What I am trying to say is that we are all uniquely different. The only way to achieve a harmonious relationship among others is for us to change ourselves. We keep on complaining that are lawmakers are just a bunch of assh*les wasting our taxes. But we were the ones who put them there because we voted without thinking. So how do we solve the problem? We leave it up to all of us to figure that out.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Let us be the change that the world wants to see us." A change that does not initiate, provoke nor call for whatever forms of violence and destruction... but a change that makes, brings and fulfills every character and life with meaningful existence to one another.

It is a universal truth that we will all be different since the factors that made us who we are from birth until our adult years were all completely different. We have to accept the fact that we cannot force others to follow us.They must change on their own. They must realize their own mistakes.

We must also change ourselves, to just hope, or pray, that our example will be emulated. If they are truly bad to the bone, then time will not be good to them. They will eventually rot from within.

Unfortunately, no one can set the standards of what is right or wrong. Everything is all man-made and prone to errors. No one is perfect enough to satisfy everyone. We may think that we are morally righteous, but he who has no sin let him cast the first stone. Otherwise, just shut the f*ck up for we are hypocrites wandering aimlessly in search of perfection.

Self-righteousness is a spiritual disease, and has its own peculiar symptoms which can be recognized, isolated and worked upon. Of and by themselves the symptoms do not explain what self-righteousness is. They only point out the presence of the malady. But isolating the symptoms will nevertheless be of help in defeating and wiping out the disease.

"If you want to follow Jesus, deny yourself and take up the cross and follow Him." - Matthew 16:24

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