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Bragging Versus Branding: How to Get Noticed Without Being Branded Negatively

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We all know that we need to get the people's attention to promote a brand whether its a product, service, establishment, advocacy or our personal point of view. It rarely helps if you are too simple, and sometimes it may go overboard if its just way too self-serving.

It is very difficult to remain "wholesome" when the whole world is more attracted to the scandals that goes viral in the news.
"According to Google, the most searched Filipino celebrities in 2013 are: (1) Neri Naig (2) EB Babe Yosh (3) Wally Bayola (4) Ariella Arida and (5) Chito Miranda. I didn't know Ariella Arida had a sex video." - Professional Heckler
Now we know what the people really read. The timid and peace-loving issues do not inherit the Earth, its the scandalous, libelous, criminally-inclined,sensationalized, sexually-related news that goes viral online.

 "Dami kong events today na "sabay-sabay" - Do I attend a restaurant review so I can start bashing again when the waiter serves me cold food, do I attend a new product launch, and be among the first ones to try it, do I attend a tech event and get updated with the latest trend, do I ogle at some great looking models, so I can get lots of photo ops, do I attend a new condo launch, maybe win a raffle prize, do I keep on typing all my events (it will be a long status).....or I just pick a couple of the most preferable events to attend, and ask my friends to help me decide between the top two choices.......hehehe."
As an online promoter, we tend to exaggerate and over-promote ourselves and our brands to "program" the people. This is the reason why campaigns banners, posters and brochures are extravagantly posted all over the Metro during election time, why print, TV and radio ads are repetitive, and why billboards have dominated many of the busy main thoroughfares of the world. We now invest also on online presence to catch up with the online trend.

"I am such a noob.... Sometimes we fail to step on the breaks causing us to crash every now and then."

A few hiccups along the way occurs. That is understandable for newbies who may only need a glass of clean water and not a full life-size bucket of cold, murky and putrid water to put them back to breathing properly.

Mga idols kom kasi are the likes of Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, Stanley Chi, and others with similar caliber. Yung mga characters na feeling uber pogi pero hindi naman (no harm intended...hehehe).

Paminsan-minsan ...isip-isip muna bago mayabangan sa swerte ng iba. Pana-panahon lang yan. If you think a person is arrogant, feel free to "unfriend" him. Otherwise, suffer from more of the kayabangan and arrogance. Jowk!!! :)

Sadyang utak talangka lang ang peg ng iba. Brands suffer when they made a wrong choice of getting an endorser of questionable character, or when they choose the wrong words and representation (think of a photo of a young female with the words "Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?"

Some people could not really differentiate the difference between bragging and branding with a little crazy twist. They can't say it right in your face so they join the mob of haters all gathered just to poke fun of the situation. They just hide behind the company of their equally bratty and clueless friends whose minds are too weak to realize they've been caught in an emotional trap. We wonder if somebody can really can help tame the wild beasts that lurks within the shadows and safety of their keypads.
From wiki: Personal branding also involves creating an asset by defining an individual's body, clothing, physical appearance,digital and online presence and areas of knowledge in a way leading to a uniquely distinguishable, and ideally memorable, impression. And may I add favorable, like being famous not notorious

From Free Dictionary: Bragging - exhibiting self-importance; "big talk".
Yeah, there is danger of being perceived as a notorious self-serving arrogant that carries himself around like he's the king of the world. Haters will compare the man with others who boasts of high followers and multitude of brand support. But, hey, have you not stopped for a while and thought that this may not be a competition with others but just an uplifting of one's own personal accomplishment. After all, the only person who could really take us to the top is ourselves. We deserve to think highly of ourselves.

If only we would just communicate with the concerned individuals or company directly rather than rant our hearts out and ask for sympathy from clueless friends who only fan the flames instead of wishing for "world peace". That's the letdown of social media, people feel they have become expressive and well-informed, yet we are really now more disconnected with the moral fibers of reality as we continue to break apart from each other.

When the person or company refuses to act favorably on your first attempt, then rant away until you get a thousand Likes and Comments. Whatever makes you happy. But I guarantee you've destroyed every chance you have of mending the problem where both could have been favorably compromised.

Hehehe..thank you sa mga stalkers and lurkers - Deep inside we know you are our secret admirers.

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