Saturday, December 21, 2013

Famous Quotes of the Year 2013: May Hahabol Pa Ba?

Wazzup Pilipinas!They say we must be very careful with our words. Everything that we say, or whatever comes out from our mouths may reflect what is in our minds, and may haunt us for life.We can't get away with an excuse of temporary insanity unless we play the part of a fool. History will record and quote us, and we may face even a criminal offense because of it.

However, most of the time, people get away with it, or we just categorize it under the humor section and laugh it off like it was a terrible joke.

Not all of us are popular enough to have our words forever written and immortalized in the journals or history books but everyone hurt in the process will recall and judge us forever for what was spoken in the past.


People will love us, or will hate us, depending on how we treated them in the past, so when you utter a sarcastic word today, people can not help but to be biased to your past transgressions. Nagbibilang ng iong mga naging kasalanan. Hindi ito makakalimutan at manunumbat muli kapag nabigyan ng pagkakataon. But when you lived a life well-loved, just like Anne Curtis (so many would agree), your friends will still accept you regardless of your mistakes....or when you were able to buy them already.

However, people could also be influenced by the society. When majority of the people adore a famous celebrity, others would begin to think they also love the star, and get brainwashed to become fans as well. But when it seems an angry mob wants to burn somebody alive in the town plaza, the only resort of others is to support the public cause, otherwise they get dragged down to their knees as well.

Life could be unfair sometimes, but we should believe everyone will eventually have their fair share of happiness and success. It will just never be all at the same time. Kanya-kanyang panahon lang yan. So sa pagdating ng panahon, nasa atin ang huling halakhak, samantalang nasa kanila naman ang nakakapangilabot na sindak.

*First photo credit: Thinking Class of the Philippines 

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  1. I agree with the things that are stated in this article because most of them, I believe, are true. We should be really careful about the things we say because we do not know how much it affects others.

    I like the pictures in this article because they are funny even though some quotes shouldn't be taken as a joke. All in all, this article is not only informative but also entertaining.

    1. Most of the stated quotes above were seriously said by an artist, politician and other big personality but its really cool how the people make fun of it especially in social networking sites. Its a good thing that we can laugh at our problems. A lot of memes were created because of the said lines. But I agree that we should always think twice before uttering somethings that we are not certain of. Be sure that we are responsible in every word that will pass our mouth.

  2. I agree that these influential people (celebrities and politicians) should be careful with what they say because their words have a huge impact on the public's minds. Also, I believe that not only these people should be tactful. We should also be mindful of our own words because no matter how unpopular we think we are, we still affect the people around us. Our words and actions always reveal how educated we are. Therefore, we should always be civil and polite and most importantly, think first before saying anything.

  3. What's up with people (netizen or not) making fun of these influential personalities. I bet we all make mistakes. But it is not good to make them our laughingstock. Why don't you try to put yourselves in their shoes. I know you'd feel bad about it. It's just a little mistake and people get criticize them non stop. We really should stop acting like that.


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