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MMFF Entry "Mga Anino ng Kahapon" Strikes a Nerve

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"In the world of schizophrenia where imagination and reality are hard to define, Ed and Irene are about to discover the true meaning of love."
Schizophrenia is a condition that is really difficult to manage. Unless the patient accepts and wills herself to be cured, it may become a lifetime problem not only for the patient but also for her family. Sacrifices has to be made plus patience and understanding are required to be able to cope with a critical situation such as this.

I attended the premiere night screening of Mga Anino ng Kahapon, an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2013 for the New Wave category. It was a story about how a certain individual and her family overcome the troubles and hardships that resulted due to the mental condition.

The movie stars Agot Isidro and TJ Trinidad as the lead actors, directed by Alvin Yapan, produced by Johnsons & Johnsons. The movie also stars Carlo Cruz, Upeng Galang Fernandez, Carl Alexander Acosta and Ku Aquino.

The premiere night was attended by the stars, directors and staff of the movie production,  Johnson and Johnson executives, people in the film industry plus celebrity friends of Agot Isidro and TJ Trinidad.

Agot Isidro played the role of Irene, the main character, really well with her portrayal of a housewife suffering from schizophrenia while TJ Trinidad played the part of Ed, her husband, that made a lot of sacrifices in order to get their family through the dilemma of caring for her wife troubled by the mental disease. TJ Trinidad delivered his role as how it should be. A great match to Agot Isidro's acting - calm and collect, trying his best not to break against her wife's uncontrollable and bewildering actions brought out by paranoia.

Carlo Cruz was amazing in the role of TJ Trinidad's brother. I laughed at the situation where he tried to talk with the imaginary friends of his sister-in-law....and when he was somewhat glad he had a girlfriend in Irene's delusional mind.

The movie was quite slow at first, but it elevated to excitement as it took us to wondering what will happen next. We sympathized with the characters, learned to love them, and anticipated a recovery soon for the sake of a family that is worth saving. We all hoped and prayed for them.

Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board, the movie conveyed a big message and appealed greatly to one's inner emotion. It is definitely worth seeing and sharing to the world.

 Alvin Yapan's Mga Anino ng Kahapon (Shadows of the Past) is an advocacy film on schizophrenia and mental health starring Agot Isidro and TJ Trinidad.

When Ed goes abroad to work as a nurse, he leaves behind his wife Irene and son Brian under the care of his mother, Flor, and younger brother Carlo. The situation turns problematic as Irene claims that their house is being monitored by the military. She turns fearful of shadows that she says belong to undercover operatives lurking about. As Irene’s disposition spirals into paranoia, the family’s peace is affected. Ed, Flor, Carlo, and even young Brian struggle to help and understand Irene while they all try to deal with her disorder.

The film explores the varying degrees, forms and issues of surveillance (the feeling of being policed) which is the heart of the relationship and conflict of a schizophrenia patient and caregiver, especially during the treatment phase.

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