Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why Do We Need to Study Language?

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As we all know, language is our medium of communication. Thus, it is only a priority for us to study about and refine our knowledge and skills when it comes to our language.

Firstly, language is very interesting. It is quite enjoyable and it is just one of the many things we’d just love to learn about. Moreover, language serves as our key for us to access each other’s minds and hearts, so to speak. There are ideas and even the simplest but most heartwarming words waiting for us. After all, language is the most powerful instrument ever bestowed upon us. As proven by things like literature and inspirational speech.

With that said, even the most powerful of things have the simplest yet most essential of components. Although the macro skills such as speaking, writing, reading and the like may seem all that familiar and simple, they actually comprise of many more details, technicalities and facts than what we may think. It has many functions, from business, to public speaking, to instruction, to relaxation, and even to affection - and we can appreciate each of them better if we take the time to study. Even if it may seem difficult, it is actually quite enjoyable and it may even give the learner a sense of wanderlust or longing to explore and be adventurous.

I also believe that every person has a say in this world, and that in every learner is a genius. In order for us to accurately and fluently communicate our thoughts and ideas to the world, we don’t have to be perfect; we just have to be inquisitive and let language flow from within us. We can articulate our thoughts better and let them materialize into words if we are equipped with knowing our language. For instance, we’d get to say “I love you” to our parents in the most fascinating of ways.

There are many languages in the world, all of which are marks of each place’s identity, culture and the like. Therefore, language is also one proof that we have a vast and diverse world with especially unique people and likewise, we should be proud of our known languages too, and one way of doing so is by using it to the best of our ability, or rather, making something fresh out of them. Believe it or not, we can also show our Filipino pride by studying language, that is, through producing things that we can truly be proud of.

Overall, we should study language because it is absolutely amazing.

Contributed by Hannah Krystelle Del Rosario

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