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Should Manila Bay be compared as similar to Boracay?

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"Well, If you think that Manila Bay looks like Boracay. Well, clearly you haven't been to Boracay."

When Vice Ganda tweeted about him going shopping, some Filipinos got triggered. When jinkee Pacquiao posted a pic of their Hermes bikes, some Filipinos got triggered. When Dora says that you haven't been to Boracay, some Filipinos got triggered. Am I seeing a pattern here?

People are pointing out that Dora during Sunday Palengke 's 5th episode made a statement that reeks elitism. People are asking why is it so hard to take the criticism when most of it naman are constructive. 

Is pointing out elitism tantamount to discrediting the influencer’s effort to educate? still not an excuse para sa elitist remark niya kung ang intention pala ay mag-inform, bakit all throughout the video puro pang-iinsulto lang ginawa niya? Did she not even try to elevate the political discourse?

They claim that all they we’re asking is that Dora acknowledges that the remark was classist. To apologize and learn from it.

Who’s cancelling or discrediting ba? Wala naman. People were just pointing out something.

I do have to disagree with the statement "bakit kailangan maging elitist matapobre to get a point across"

So this is where it all started?

I'm not a fan of him but the hates thrown at him are unnecessary. I see nothing wrong.

Actually, walang mali sa sinasabi niya. Masyado lang kayo naka aktibista pa woke mode ON.

I don't get the 'classist remarks' that the people are talking about?  I didn't feel offended dito. May kulang ba sa pang-unawa ko?

The guy in the Tiktok was making exaggerated comparisons and Dora just addressed it, right?

Well I don’t think he’s implying that y’all are poor if you haven’t been to Boracay.

I think he just wanted to express that DDS dolomite snorters have low standards and they’re praising white sand Manila Bay as if it’s a life changing government project.

Understandable that some find it offensive na some found the joke as an elitist remark but if you dig for the real context, it’s not really elitist but just an attack/rebuttal versus the DDS/the government.

Anyway I feel that this online bardagulan will die down agad.

I don't see anything wrong in the video. He's implying that the guy hasn't been to Boracay based on his statement comparing the two places.

It's clear that Dora was trying to attack the standard the guy has towards the Manila Bay's white sand and not the guy's capability to go to Boracay. Haters gonna hate, hahanap at hahanap ng butas para manira.

I am more offended by the guy comparing Manila Bay to Boracay. The fine, white and powder-like sand in boracay is shaking.

And Dora used a conditional statement, an "if" statement. So IDK what's the fuss about?

Yung exag statement yung in-address, for me ha. Am I on the same page as you guys?

My only question is: WHERE DID U GET THAT HELLA BIG MUG?!?!??!?? I want one!

Obviously they wanna drag dora down, but knowing Dora those people are just a piece of shit for her.

Yung Manila Bay ang shini-shade niya jusme. Yun ang subject ng video niya. Panuorin niyo kasi yung buong video. Do not hear words that were not said. He simply stated the truth. May 3 stations and island of Boracay, eh yung Manila Bay? Kung buhangin naman ang pag uusapan. Well..

May iba na naman na over mag react! Hahanapan ka talaga ng butas noh? Laban lang.

Siguro kaya medyo offensive kasi parang derogatory? Just saying, if you match it with that tea sip and look from him, he would seem to be mocking the guy, but that's just me..and not from what he actually said.

Dora educates people of important social issues. Ignorant are those people who thinks highly of themselves and call people of intellect ignorant while they themselves are the real epitome of it.

Dora’s made countless elevated, informative posts (which is why she went viral in the first place) so it’s not fair to discredit all of that just because of 1 incident? She started all these to build awareness and the intention to inform in a light/funny way has always been there.

For the guy, sana kapag nag compare kasi huwag mag base sa picture. Mag base sa experience. Experience is better than Google or kuwento ng kapitbahay o tambay sa kanto o usapan sa barbero.

Lol. Like when certain people say Parang Singapore na tayo.

Dahil pang mayaman lang daw ang Boracay? 

Ahmm this is not an offensive remark, but Boracay is not, and not being promoted as, a luxury. Tourism industry knows. People from Region 6 & its neighbors just ride a bus or crosses the island to get there. There are more islands that are expensive and hard to get to / stay at.

Let’s face it though, status symbol ang pagpunta sa Boracay for most people....that is why Puerto Galera was called Little Boracay because it's more affordable to get and stay there.

Paano kung ang statement po is the other way around:

“...if you think that Boracay looks like Manila Bay, clearly (you) havent been to Manila Bay.”

Magiging elitist/classist din po kaya interpretation? 

Oh yes! It's crab mentality. I'm not surprised. A lot of Filipinos always put their fellow people down when they're on top. I don't know why people act like their lives are exacerbated because of other people's higher standard of living. Focus on your own life! Not others, OK!

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