Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Significance of Sugawara as a Character in Haikyuu

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Wait! Who called Sugawara useless?!

To whoever said Sugawara isn't useful, you better rewatch the show sweetie. Sugawara is very much useful in the show. He lightens up the mood and even taught Hinata the hand signals. Even as a third year, he gave his spot to Kags and I have mad respect for him.

Excuse me, but Sugawara is one of the reasons why Karasuno developed this much. He maintains the stability of the team, yet you're calling him useless, you f*cker? 

Sugawara is one of the biggest clutch characters for Karasuno and is one of the main reasons why Kageyama developed so much. Without him, Karasuno loses their mental backbone and stability in numerous ways.

Don't you dare slander my bestest boy Sugawara because I will slit all your throats. This boy stayed up all night to study best defenses for the team. You know they can't just rely on Tobio's attacks.

Y'all make Sugawara so bland like you know damn well his personality is full of spice and you just reduce him to being the mom?

Bokutos emo mode is completely normal and you guys just see it as him being “emotional” because you're used to characters that don't show emotion like he does.

Sugawara fucking Koshi is the mastermind throughout the game. He's the one to make techniques, dumbasses!


HERE IS A THREAD ON THE SIGNIFICANCE OF SUGAWARA AS A CHARACTER IN HAIKYUU (Since some of yall lack insight) by @sgastripysocks:

Lets begin! 

Sugawara was one of the first people on karasuno’s team to understand and acknowledge how talented kageyama was, despite his standoffish and hostile attitude at the time.

Sugawara wanted the best for the team and gave his place as the starting setter over to Kageyama because he believed and had faith that he would be able to bring out the best in his teammates. Let’s not forget that he wasn’t jealous or resentful towards Kageyama in any way.

Throughout the anime and manga he acted as a voice of reason towards his underclassmen, helping them train and giving them advice, as well as supporting them during games and cheering on their successes.

Sugawara has an incredibly kind hearted personality, and is almost always encouraging his teammates to be more positive and confident in themselves. 

A lot of people fail to acknowledge his skill as a setter, and in the games he’s played throughout the series, his talent as a setter is recognised by everyone’s that watches him play as well as their opponents.

So in conclusion, there’s so much more to sugawara than a ‘pretty setter’ or the ‘mom of the group’. Without him, the team wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did. 

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