Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Meaning of Sub4Sub and VLSC for Vloggers on YouTube

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I recently joined this Facebook group for my attempts to learn more about vlogging.

I was actually just sort of pushed into joining the group when a fellow blogger encouraged me to join the group's sort of search for an influencer for a certain brand. One of the requirements was to be a member of the group, so I tried my luck...and from what I've been seeing mostly from the members' posts and comments, I could say it's a healthy and supportive environment for aspiring, newbie and veteran vloggers.

I'm new to vlogging but have a YouTube channel with mostly events coverage content and ever since the pandemic, livestreaming due to the quarantine.

I joined the Facebook group called Vloggers Philippines because I would like to improve on my vlogging "attempts." 

I call my vlogging as "attempts" because I can't really say they are full-pledge vlogs because I need to work on a lot of things - my confidence, my content, my video editing, and my promotion since no matter the effort on the formers, they are useless if people won't know or can't easily find my content.

One of the requirements in posting at this group is to add hashtags #NoToSub4Sub and #NoToVLSC, aside from the group name #VloggersPhilippines

Thus I researched on these terms and below are some information:

"We believe that growing your channel should be done by creating quality content that entices viewers to subscribe and not through artificial or coordinated exchanges.

Offering to subscribe to another creators channel solely in exchange for them subscribing to your channel, also known as "Sub4Sub," is not allowed. Creators who offer such exchanges risk losing subscriber numbers, receiving a Terms of Use strike, or even having their channel terminated.

Additionally, services that attempt to boost YouTube subscriber numbers through automated means or via a marketplace violate our Terms of Service, such as:

Purchasing subscribers from third-party websites

"Sub4sub" exchanges and services from third-party websites that subscribe you to multiple channels which then subscribe to you back

It's okay to subscribe to a friend's channel and vice versa, or to ask your audience to subscribe to your channel. However, if you do this as part of an exchange it's not allowed."

While VLSC means View, Like, Subscribe, Comment?

Arguably, it is really unlikely to get organic engagements if they were acquired from ex-deals or special arrangements since real fans are more inclined to continue watching your content, while it will be the opposite for "arranged" transactions. YouTube would be able to discern that you got the engagement by unnatural means especially if you got many of the same instances from other YouTubers.

Incidentally, I have an old YouTube channel (Pinoy Tekkie) that I never monetized since back then it was just used to supplement my blog site.

Surprised to see that my highest viewed video reached 131k. Subscribers reached 1k+, and watch hours only at 2.9 k, since it has no new videos since year 2015.

I created a new channel a few years ago to be consistent with my branding...and that is YTC: Wazzup Pilipinas which now has 38K+ subscribers and the video with the highest views is at 5.3 million.

Buhayin ko kaya at i-monetize itong luma? I actually forgot how to do it. Honestly, di ko pinapansin yung monetization of even my newer YouTube channel dahil again it was only just to supplement my blogsite which was my only focus. Pwede pa ba o may requirement so YouTube na dapat within a certain period ay nag comply ka na sa subscribers at watch hours!?

Ngayon lang pandemic kasi ako nagkaroon ng opportunity to peak into the inner workings of YouTube and there are so much more to learn. I hope to learn more from this group as there are a lot of motivated members with inspiring stories to share.

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