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Are There Any Security Risks You’re Exposing Yourself to When You Skip Windows Updates?

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Based on the latest data, the most commonly used operating system in the world today is Windows, which was developed by Microsoft. This software is in great demand both among ordinary users and corporate ones. Due to its practicality and reliability, Windows has not lost ground for many years and remains the strongest competitor in the operating system market. Therefore, it is not strange that such well-known and popular software often falls into the field of view of hackers.

If you care about your data protection, you just need to keep track of regular updates of the operating system.

Knowing the risks and threats

It's no secret that users often underestimate the value of their personal data on a computer and neglect basic security rules. But while you think that your photos or documents are useless and of no importance, hackers and fraudsters already know how to extract the information they need from your hard drive.

Firstly, if your computer is not protected, this greatly increases the likelihood of cybercriminals getting into your personal data. And believe me, it will not be difficult for them to hack your email and download the database of your contacts from there. Today, unfortunately, this is a very common scheme for hackers as the data they steal is valuable for Internet marketing and e-commerce. In addition, there are special malware programs that record literally every keystroke you press. Before you even have time to wake up, all accounts in social networks and private data on other websites will be hacked. With such programs, hackers and cybercriminals can hack all your passwords and access information from existing online accounts.

The best way to keep your data safe and prevent such situations is to update Windows regularly.

Hackers competing with developers

Probably each of us is now thinking, why can't the Windows developers make one update that will last a long time and will be reliable protection for our computer? Everything is simple here: for any new update, there will be those who will try with all their might to hack it. And if you don't regularly make changes to the security system, sooner or later cybercriminals will still get to the data they need.

However, Microsoft programmers also understand the importance and necessity of computer security, so they thoroughly test each update before release. This of course increases the likelihood that the operating system, along with the rest of the data, is safe each time. But who knows how far hackers can go and what their next attack plan is? All that programmers can do at this stage is to observe the shortest possible interval between the release of new updates. And then it's up to us, users. It's up to us to decide whether to secure ourselves with a new update or give hackers access to our personal data.

Responsible users’ behavior

Each hour of the day hackers are evolving and finding new sophisticated ways to illegally possess someone's data, photos, or money. And their closest partner in crime is an open internet network. By downloading or uploading something using such a network, you increase the chance of being hacked by 100%. Even if you think that you have nothing to lose or you don't have any valuable information or money on your credit card, you may not be the only victim. Through you, hackers can probably blackmail your relatives or friends or find their sensitive data. That is why even Windows recommends updating their software using a private network. However, if you are not sure about your privacy, you should protect yourself by using RusVPN for Windows ( It will prevent accidental information leakage.

Informing Windows when to install updates

Most people leave all of the settings on their devices as “default”, which can sometimes be troublesome. We all know that software updates always come in the wrong place at the wrong time, whether you are in a meeting or are in an online game. 

Although, you probably don't notice the updates, especially on Windows 10, because it does it in the background, but major updates may be very inconvenient. That is why we recommend you to adjust this setting to your schedule.

For Windows 10, choose the Settings option in the Start Menu. Here you should go to the Update and Security section. Then click on Windows Update and go to the Advanced Settings.

This simple action will prevent you from raging on your computer and losing the work done.


To sum up, we would like to repeat that Windows updates should be up-to-date and not without reason. 

To prevent having inconvenient software updates, during your work or studying time, adjust the update schedule in the Windows Settings. It is very simple to do so!

To prevent having your data leaked and exposed, update your Windows only while using a private network or a VPN. No one can be too safe in this world of progress and technology!

These simple actions are enough to stop dangerous hackers from getting to you, so don't overlook them!

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