Wednesday, September 30, 2020

#bdoonlinebanking trends on payday

Wazzup Pilipinas!

" #bdoonlinebanking trends on payday, as users are unable to access BDO’s online bank service. 

The bank says there’s an ongoing systems maintenance for the mobile app and browser. It advises users to try again later"

Do you want to ruin your perfectly good morning?

Start your day with logging in to #bdoonlinebanking . A hundred percent guarantee your good mood will definitely change. For the worse.

Hoy BDO! Umayos naman kayo!

#bdoonlinebanking Strategy:

Let's do the maintenance TODAY so everyone is forced to do their instapay transfers tomorrow wherein charges will be imposed. Clap! Clap!

I thought it was just my Internet connection, but #bdoonlinebanking is not really working.

Been trying to access my account early this morning up until this moment. Can’t access the app. Can’t access the website. Nagsara na po ba kayo, BDO?

I hope BDO will waive its instapay charges again for another month due to this inconvenience.

#bdoonlinebanking - haven't found better ways yet?  App is always down.

I am really happy #bdoonlinebanking is trending. It just shows how really incompetent this bank is. I hope BSP can impose sanctions too for inconveniencing a lot of people just when you need the bank the most.

BDO can afford to pay hundreds of millions to Sarah (& other artists) to endorse the bank but can’t invest in developing reliable online platform. 

Nope! I will not go out bacause of corona! Fix your bulok app so that we can pay our bills! 

But no matter how frustrated you are with #bdoonlinebanking, please do not take your anger out on the customer reps over the phone. Just imagine being in their shoes - exploited and underpaid while being blamed for something they have no control over.

#bdoonlinebanking everyone is doing cashless to avoid Covid kayo you encourage us to go out and use your ATM. 

@BankoSentral si BDO ba ang sisihin if covid infection increase yesterday and today?

BDO has got to be the worst app in history. Utterly slow and for being one of the biggest banks in PH, its service is horrendous. WTH are they thinking? 

This covid era, we badly need online banking coz obviously some of us cannot go out of our houses especially those who are seniors na. They trust your money to you but in return your poor online services make it more difficult for them. 

Now I know why BDO is one of the biggest banks here.. They won't let people move their money from their accounts.

The unending issues with the app. The fees. The service. WORST ever. 

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