Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Duterte threatens Facebook for bringing down syndicated accounts linked to the police and military

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"President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday, September 28, threatened to stop Facebook in the Philippines after the tech giant recently took down fake networks linked to the country’s police and military.

"Is there life after Facebook? I don't know."

Duterte slammed the social media giant for shutting down "advocacy" pages of the government. The social media company has previously explained that it shut down accounts and pages due to 'coordinated inauthentic behavior.' 

Social media giant Facebook has also shut down several inauthentic Facebook accounts and pages, content of which was supportive of President Rodrigo Duterte, and his daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio’s possible 2022 presidential bid.

Facebook said the network "violated its policy against foreign or government interference."  

AFP denies link to dozens of accounts shut down by Facebook due to alleged violation of its policy against foreign, government interference. Facebook says the accounts used fake profiles to spread misinformation on local politics, against Pres. Duterte's critics. "

Finally the puppet master has surfaced, with strings tied round his fingers which make the trolls dance to the tune of his blabbering.

And why will he threaten to bring down Facebook if the government is not involved with the fake networks spreading syndicated fake news?

And since when did state sponsored fakes news, red tagging, malicious propaganda become good for the people?

Facebook just did their job lol. Why are you even enraged about this? Is it because you’re guilty?

Paalala lang po, if you’ll ban facebook here in Philippines, hundreds or even thousands of small business owners will loose their source of income. Is that what you want? 

Remember Facebook was one machinery that geared his election as President. Facebook is also Filipinos', whether they voted for you or not, way of expressing their views and communicating with their kababayans and people all over the world. Don't say it, don't threaten, JUST DO IT. If you really believe you can do it without getting a lot of hate from Filipinos.

He also cannot violate the constitution which guarantees freedom of expression -- and Facebook is definitely a part of our freedom of expression.

What a whiny snowflake, always scare of “terrorists” and their memes lol. Im sure he’s just paving the way for WeChat though.

He never recognized that Facebook plays a vital role in government since agencies also use Facebook to communicate with people, and Facebook also helps in the pandemic efforts since government also uses Facebook as a medium to keep people aware of government guidelines. Mainly because it's where most people hang out to keep connected, well-informed and entertained too.

It just shows his priorities... Defining who he is.  A control freak. 

You're just giving the next president of the country (let's say not from your party affiliation) an achievement. After your term, they will bring back Facebook and people will remember that president and be known forever as the one that is more sensible.

His concern must be the present pandemic and how he can help the needy people. Why concern himself about Facebook? It's out of his concern. Is he out of his mind?

Lahat na lang ba Mr. President? Whoever go against your will, tira ka ng tira. Attack dito, attack doon!!! Look what's happening? A lot of foreign investors are decoupling China and looking elsewhere on ASEAN countries, but they bypass Philippies because of your behaviour.  Do you think your mantra of leadership would bring genuine progress and development? No. Parang my mental imbalance po kase kayo mag isip. Kapag kontra sa iyo, kulang na lang ay buhusan mo ng gasolina sa galit. Pero kahit alipores mo magnanakaw, nag paparty, silent night ka. Walk the talk you did during the campaign. Those 16million people should be zero by now but your troll farm are trying to make it look otherwise. Now that Facebook has done it's job to moderate their site against apparent syndicates, you contradict showing how guilty you are of involvement.

This guy is a thug president. Y'all need to watch the night crawlers documentary on PBS!  He doesn't care about anything to do with the citizens. He is all about self aggrandizing and looting state resources.

Facebook has recently threatened to pull out of EUROPE because of a particular EU policy. They could afford it, at pitik lang tayo kumpara sa Europe.

You know which other country banned Facebook, controls their media, censors anything related to their government, and has a cyber army linked to the military? Obvious na kung kaninong mga yapak sinusundan nito. No other but....

DDS trolls rin naman ang mawawalan rito.

Duterte's Cult should create their own platform. Maybe call it Fakebook? Lol!

And Emperor Gong Di just threw his troll army under the bus. Jobs are pretty hard to find during the COVID-19 pandemic, so let's just see what happens. 

We are slowly becoming China. Geez! DDS troll farm will lose income if that happens. Also, they can't troll in any other social platforms since most of them are only using free Facebook.

When purveyors of fake news and misinformation, coupled with early election campaigners aka troll farms are being called "advocacy" groups, we now know this government is really corrupt to the bone...Hindi nga kang kasing sarap ng buto ng bulalo."

I take the blame with you people who first voted for this man. You allow yourself to be ridiculed and manipulated. Now taste the pain of your stupidity. That’s what all we get. This country is doomed!

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