Tuesday, September 29, 2020

#PaalamDuterte trends on Twitter when Duterte offered to resign and let others take-over

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I watched the optimistic #LetLeniLead speech and slept thru the defeatist #PaalamDuterte weekly incoherence.

It is but right that he resigns, but he's been saying that since his first years yet we have not seen him take it seriously.

To whoever started #PaalamDuterte, ililibre kita ng breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

#PaalamDuterte is disrespectful. OMG, I mean he doesn't deserve this, even if he did kill,or encouraged others to kill, a lot of Filipinos, neglected the Philippines during a pandemic and disrespected our god/beliefs but then doing a 180 degree turn to bring back God as our only hope. Yeah he doesn't deserve it at all. Lol!

Seriously, hindi disrespectful ang #PaalamDuterte dahil siya na mismo ang nag-offer na mag-resign, to get out of government and ask somebody else to takeover. 

Duterte said he has offered to resign as President because he is tired of the unrelenting issue of corruption in government. Di nga!? Pabibo para sa Pabobo ang peg? Dahil siya rin mismo magrereject ng sarili niyang offer. Trust me!

This is why #PaalamDuterte is trending and not the #PaalamDuterte in other way....but who knows, without disclosing his health records, just like how he doesn't want to show his SALN, he could be deteriorating... which is a reason why he is very incoherent with his weekly updates.

Para sa mga DDS, paki-confirm na lang ng mga email at phone numbers ninyo para mag-notify sa'kin ang mga reply ninyo.

Sayang din ang mga possible engagements baka pwede pang ihabol sa mga payroll niyo sa katapusan.

Though, please understand that he's not saying he's going to leave and resign. What he's actually saying is he is offering...... KUNG hindi nila (not just him but also the people in the government) kayang gawin ang trabaho nila, mas mabuti nalang magresign at maghanap ng mas may kakayahan. An offer he himself will not accept, just as how he protects and prevents DOH Secretary Duque from resigning.

We don't really care if he's having a hard time since that's a responsibility he is obligated to do. If he can't keep it together, better let somebody else take over....and who else but the Vice President since that is the lawful way.

We had a hard time during the first years of his term. We're still having a hard time because of his negligence and incompetence. He killed his own people. He disrespected us. And now you're still concerned about his feelings?

Even if I don't fully like VP Leni Robredo but we must obey the law....especially after Duterte made a threat to Facebook (Yup it is a threat no.matter how you look at it since Facebook is not under his jurisdiction), it's #PaalamDuterte for me, too. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but his true colors are showing.

We love to see it. I had high hopes at the start of your administration. You promised to curb corruption, you promised us changes, you promised to fight for our sovereign rights in West Philippine Sea but ultimately, you failed. No regrets. Step down now.

I am stupidly hoping he can still be serious in fulfilling even just one plan/promise. THIS. Just do it! 


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