Thursday, August 4, 2016

Duterte Wants ROTC Mandatory Again

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"Another mandatory, obligatory, military training? When a "bright idea" is made mandatory and obligatory, 90-99% it is a stupid idea. People have to be coerced, mandated and arm-twisted to obey that "bright idea"."
Reviving the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is not a good idea. We all know that it trains the similar mindset just as what is taught to the military and police - follow orders without thinking or asking, like mindless drones that the government can manipulate or use for their own selfish purposes.

ROTC was a waste of time. Standing under the sun, marching around on dirt, and learning how to hold a wooden rifle is archaic. As much as possible ,a nation should avoid 'militarism' as it will lead to Fascism, which is a suppression by force, thus reducing man into mechanical tool instead of a human being.

Believing this will instill discipline and patriotism among the youth, is the thinking of a madman.

I'm not in favor of it, but I am in favor of a better funded and organized voluntary system that steers young men and women towards a solid reserve system with national guard like periodic training and development would be better, and money spent more efficiently. I'm talking about prioritizing Fitness training + self defense + survival training + first aid + disaster management, and not hours of marching under the sun.

The military and police have been rampantly used against the people. Contrary to what the government tells us, the presence of such forces only provokes other nations to counter by creating more of their own, thus war would always be inevitable if governments continue to raise arms in preparation for possible war or conflict. Only fools would believe that we will be safe if we hoard more military guns, ammunition, machines and reserves. We are only further assuring a greater chance to be annihilated when war suddenly surprises us in the middle of the night.

This is why people fear men in uniform for we will never really know who are genuinely concerned about our welfare and safety, and who are the real protectors and even co-masterminds of all these drug-related activities, robberies, syndicates, etc.

There's now a nationwide purging or cleansing going on. Many are cleaning up their association or links with the people who could easily point them.

We should not let our youth be brainwashed to think that they are obligated to become slaves of the government. Everyone has the right to question the actions of anyone even if he has the highest authority in the land.

We are constantly plagued by governments ran by only a few, which imposes laws selectively and without any public consultation. They just evolve into different forms yet are still the same crooked personalities.

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