Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Philippines' Cardboard Justice and Irrational Killings

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"Last night, I had friends and family tell me to "give Duterte a chance", "acknowledge the good he has done" and "consider going back to the Philippines". After all, "It's just only the drug dealers in danger. Carlos, you'll be fine". I was really considering the possibility and then I read this today. A man in custody killed by the PNP over a traffic incident. Sigh. Nope. Not moving back. Not for a long while. ‪#‎dutertopia‬" - Carlos Celdran
If you are to refer to comics, cartoons, and the movies, the so superheroes are what we know in real life as vigilantes.

They are usually not legally sanctioned or authorized by a government and would most of the time be an underground or secret operation especially for the group of heroes who all combined forces for greater strength and reach.

In the real world, vigilantes should be frowned upon and discouraged if they resort to killing. We don't want our heroes to freely kill people who they deem as negative elements of society.

These vigilantes include the police force who are more inclined to kill rather than incapacitate. Why are they trained to end a life rather than get the opportunity to dig in deeper into the crimes. If they keep the suspected criminals alive, they would be able to interrogate and investigate further, and find the real source or the "big fish" or mastermind.

I'd like to hear what's gonna happen next in terms of accountability for irrational incidents involving the police. If its not handled well, its a black mark against this administration.

Though we all know that the due process of law is slow and unfair especially for the poor members of society, the absence of law would turn us into barbaric animals that will horrendously end the life of others just to seek justice. Sometimes we could not blame them as these criminals usually get free by bail especially if they have rich or influential backers or protectors - who may come from the police force or government itself.

There would be times the killings would be able to end the life of the real criminals but we should never discount the fact that the innocent or less guilty will suffer the same fatal fate as the guilty.

We do not want to live in a world where we could suddenly die out form a false accusation or lead. We would always fear for ourselves as well as our loved ones.

The brand of justice that most would say was inspired by the new administration or government led by Rodrigo Duterte is not something we should be proud of. Life is precious even for the so called misguided individuals. Like everyone of us, they are also victims of a deplorable life who had to resort to a life of crime or bad habits mainly because of many reasons involving the sad state of living conditions or how they were raised and lived. 

What is so bad is the fact that there were innocents who got killed by vigilantism. Those who tried to help out by getting rid of crooks or pests of society are turning themselves into more and beyond than fearsome. We wouldn't want to irk them as we may become among the victims.

We are not trying to protect the accused or suspected or even the confirmed. We are merely establishing an opinion that there is not enough reason for any of us to effect justice or "cleansing" with our own hands.

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