Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who Wants to be a Blogger?

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There are times when I think about not wanting to be a blogger anymore after witnessing numerous irregularities in the blogging community. I should pack up my computers, cameras and other gadgets, because blogging is not for the weak of heart.

There are so many shocking incidents that makes me cringe in horror. How would you react to the many online bullying, bashing, and attacks behind your back even to the point of tarnishing your reputation just to get you out of the way.

Those bloggers who post hate speech against you just because he sees you as a competitor. Those who would deceive others by never stating the complete facts and truth behind incidents. Those who can easily lie in the belief that his friends would support his mischief. Those whose minds and actions are controlled by their greed to gain financial rewards.

Some bloggers are motivated by loot bags, raffle prizes, perks and freebies they receive from the brands and companies. They become so grateful that they lose their sincerity in writing so as not to displease their sponsors. They would cease to write the negative facts about the products or services and only mention the positive stuff. 

Who suffers from all these? The readers for expecting too much from the brands bloggers write about. Readers would son realize that they are victims of false advertising. This becomes worst when the bloggers write about personalities. They make a person look good but in reality they are only hired to do so. Bloggers comply to the requests of brands because they want to keep the relationship even to the point of being dictated on what to write.

What happened to the original intention of blogging? It was supposed to be an online journal of our life, and as an outlet to bring out and share our thoughts, opinions and point of views. It was never meant to be a money-making tool. That's a welcome bonus but it should not be the only motivating element that made you get into blogging.

Some would say bloggers try so much to become journalists. But we should know that the main difference is that we are freely open to all kinds of writing style, and we could write any statement whether controversial or sensational. Unlike journalists whose works pass through an editor, bloggers have the freedom to publish whatever we want without fear. 

Should we just keep on blogging despite these unsatisfying issues? Should we keep on doing what we love to do best? and that is to blog, blog, blog without mental and physical hindrance and obstacles brought about by envious fellow bloggers. Should we remain our own selves or be influenced by what others conform to and recognize as standards or ethics? Should we continue to let our creative juices flow and not let social media "analysts" get into our nerves. Should we censor ourselves and be restricted to what they believe as inappropriate?

The way we blog should be uniquely our own so we should not let others turn our passion into a joke.

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