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PiliPinas Debates 2016: Live Blogging the Last Presidential Debate at the University of Pangasinan

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are live blogging the PiliPinas Presidential Debates happening live at the PHINMA University of Pangasinan where Binay came first, then Poe, then Duterte. Roxas and Santiago arrived next. In just a few minutes, the last presidential debate will start. Are you ready for it?

Hope this last debate will be a great help to enlighten us who to vote this coming election. With just two weeks left before election, Please do watch the final leg of #PiliPinasDebates2016 right now!

Karen Davila and Tony Velasquez moderates the presidential town hall debate format. The presidential candidates are called in one by one: Binay, Santiago, Duterte, Poe and then Roxas. That introduction felt like a UAAP intro.

I hope Presidential bets focus on platforms, not on personality attacks so voters can pick intelligently! We are expecting to see an intellectual debate and not just another comedy skit. Hopefully everyone will follow the rules and will stick on the issues...No More EPAL. We hope the candidates will debate fairly and will not throw shades to each other the whole time.

Eric Santos sings the national anthem of the Philippines.

Presidential candidates are asked this question "Kung ikaw ay mahahalal na pangulo, paano mo maisasalarawan ang Pilipinas by 2022, pagkatapos ng iyong termino" as introductory speech. Duterte follows. Binay as third. Poe as forth and then Roxas.

Miriam Defensor Santiago says her emphasis will be on the youth. Miriam experienced a bit of block during her opening statement but that didn't stop her on giving specific answers. She may have some trouble speaking but she has a lot of points and an actual plan. "Come hold my hand and I will fly you to the future."

You have seen me in public, how I behave, you have heard my plunders of words. One minute has passed and Mr. Duterte has only said bull. Last 30 seconds and he painted a very "generic" Philippines. Duterte sticking to his "Jokes at the end of a serious speech" branding.

Who else rolled their eyes the moment VP Binas spoke? "For the night is dark and full of Binay, este, terrors."

Well, it's good though that Poe will be focusing on improving agriculture. This country needs agriculture the most. Poe is probably the most cliché candidate in the history of the Philippines.

Roxas' opening statement really shows that he hates Mayor Duterte. Prolific, succinct and comprehensive opening by Roxas. Perfectly timed. Is this because he was last? However, where are the Yolanda funds, Mr. Roxas?

I love how ABS-CBN get the questions from the masses and have these people ask the presidential candidates personally!

Masinloc fisherman asked the presidential candidates how to stop Chinese coast guards from harassing them. Just sad that we need this #PiliPinasDebates2016 to see the plight of our fishermen in the West Philippine Sea. China why do you pester us?

Whichever candidate is asked, the issue of Chinese military aggression can't be addressed without a strong Philippine military. They all said that West PH sea is ours. To whoever our next President is, please make it happen.

Aling Perla personally asks about the daily traffic problem she encounters. Miriam answers saying we should build new railway systems and modern airport. and the president should lean on the LTO for stricter driver's licenses acquisition.

Miriam answers saying we should build new railway systems and modern airport. and the president should lean on the LTO for stricter driver's licenses acquisition.

Duterte says build new railways, LRT and MRT to add more trains, limit motor vehicles, - improve mass transit of people and dilapidated models of vehicles must be out of EDSA.

Poe says the roads must not be the personal parking lot, MRT 7 must be monitored, LRT extension must be finished, ...look for long-term solutions like subways, PNR must be done, right of way, assigning a traffic terminator, etc. Poe to designate a traffic terminator that will implement the law and to give incentives to the drivers for following the law

Roxas answers they are already doing what the other presidential candidates are promising.

Binay says the solution to traffic problems is Education, Enforcement and Engineering.

For someone who will "cut ties" with US & Australia, Duterte is the only one speaking straight English. For global reach or is he just trying to impress us with his English proficiency?

Issue 3 is about the issue of permanent jobs - This looks like an attack to contractualization. Carlos asks the president how they would resolve the issue. "Endo" - slang for "end of contract". It refers to the plight of many young workers in need of permanent jobs.

Everyone agrees that ENDO is not doing justice to the people. "Ang mga tao ay hindi makina, hindi tinatapon pagkatapos gamitin" says Poe.

Duterte says "The moment I assume the presidency. Contractualization will stop."

How can Roxas say he wants to end ENDO when contractualization has worsened to up to 90% under their administration? "Isasara nating ang mga loopholes. Maghahain tayo ng batas para matapos ang ENDO." Really? If only his logical words reflect his actual competence.

Immediately stop contractualization? How will you deal with massive unemployment after?

If all 5 candidates are anti contractualization, how come most big companies practice such? A reminder to these candidates: government is one of the biggest employers of contractuals in this country. The Philippine government is, in fact, training its people to leave. There's a term for that: LABOR EXPORT POLICY.

Issue 4 is about OFW plight. What are their plans para hindi na sila mangibang bayan pa and mga Filipino?
Duterte's answers are to impress the people, not to show platforms. This is not a noon time show.

Grace Poe is good at argumentatum ad populum.

Back in form? Santiago stutters, trembles, pauses... in Dagupan debate. Kung baga sa video, nag-ba-buffer.
The real solution is to provide decent, well-paying domestic employment so no Filipino would have to leave their families to work abroad. No one in government is trying to bring OFWs home and protect them from the oppression outside. In fact, they've been branding OFWs as the new heroes - "ang bagong bayani" just to make OFWs feel good about themselves. No more to a Mary Jane Veloso.

On a side note, I find it really sad that caring for the country has to become a trend before people actually do it. I want to see a country where no one has to go to other countries to work.

Presidential candidates ask each other. Roxas to ask Binay first. Binay eludes the question. Does not answer Roxas' question.

Next is Poe to ask Duterte. Asks him about the the state of women under his administration. Duterte says there is no swimsuit at their beauty pageants. There is no malice when he cuddles women.

Duterte to ask Santiago. ""Ma'am Miriam what can I ask of you? I am facing a woman who is worthy to be the President of the republic."  Miriam says she is almost back to normal health as she is taking a secret pill that is sold at atrocious price.

Santiago to ask Roxas. Give me three examples of your academic, professional and moral excellence. Roxas tells Santiago, "You are witness to my achievements." Miriam surprisingly and silently agrees.

Roxas says the most important for a government official is the ability to say "NO" to temptations. The answers from Roxas deserve a standing ovation.

Binay asks Poe and focuses on Poe's American citizenship. Poe says as a Filipino she never loses his love for the Philippines.

Next segment pf ABS-CBN's PiliPinas Debates 2016 is fast talk. I love this "Fast Talk" segment. Pero "Yes" or "No" lang po ang sagot! Many are crying foul over Roxas' preparedness (hinting on Korina Sanchez being a part of ABS-CBN). Should we give him the benefit of the doubt?

Binay starts. "Ipapakulong mo ba si Duterte" Yes or No"

Santiago is next. First question" Natalo nyo na ba ang cancer?"

Duterte is next. "Magandang ehemplo bo kayo sa kabataan?"

Poe is next and answers questions about American citizenship.

Roxas on fast talk. "Will you give Bongbong a Cabinet seat in your administration?" "Yes, but I believe Leni will win." says Roxas.

"Even if they are my family, I'll kill them" says Duterte. Not incarcerate but kill. Even his own kin. OMG!

Next issue is "Anong pagbabago sa larangan ng kalusugan ang gagawin ng susunod na pangulo ng Pilipinas?"

Mang Jun asks "Ano po ang solusyon ninyo sa lugar namin na walang doktor at kulang sa gamot?"

It got so hot with a heated argument between Duterte and Roxas regarding the implementation of health facilities for the far-flung provinces. Is Roxas asking Duterte to quit because he knows he can't win against him? "Mga kabataan, huwag ninyo siyang tularan!" Roxas says about Duterte.

Next segment is "Buwis buhay para sa kapayapaan" about the non-stop fighting and conflicts in Mindanao. Aling Amina asks "Sino sa ating mga tumatakbong pangulo ang tatapos sa kaguluhan sa Mindanao?"

They all promise development and eradication of poverty in Mindanao aside from the talks among those involved.

We have to talk. We cannot fight forever." says Duterte...but aren't the Mindanao rebels taking advantage of the talks to demand more for their rebellion against the government?

Child Jessa Balbastro from Buenavista, Bohol to narrate the final debate issue for discussion. "Kung ano po ba ang maaari nyong gawin para hindi mabigo ang pangarap ni Jessa." Jessa Balbastro dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up. Will she ever achieve her dream? Who among the presidential candidate will be able to make her dream possible? This 5-minute closing statement is the longest period so far for candidates to speak in the #PiliPinasDebates2016 series.

Bonus points for Poe for being the only one who mentioned Jhessa in her closing statement.
I doubt the sincerity of a candidate if his answer is in a form of sarcasm. A candidate may be good in discussing platforms but it's also important to take note his/her capability to implement those. To our country's next President, we hoped that your actions will be louder and must be proven to what you've said on #PiliPinasDebates2016.

Not only the presidential candidates, also all of us should balance realism with idealism for us to be really progressive. If this debate proves anything, it is that real life problems not addressed, questions not really answered.

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