Monday, April 25, 2016

Bloggers Are The New Superheroes

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Contrary to what others would say, blogs are supposed to be without any rules, without any restrictions, without any limitations. Our blogs, our rules! or more appropriate is : Our blogs, our

That is what makes blogs unique and different from traditional media publications that must abide by the so called "neutrality" or "non-partisan" guidelines which are somehow mostly defined by what the management dictates or requires of their writers. Indeed, I see a lot of biased publications around, and only one or two who is not afraid to share all the news, as is, where is.

I could still remember an issue about a giant mall but the news that came out were mostly seen only on online publications, specifically blogs or online news sites, which does not belong to a large media outfit.

We should blog based on our own personal viewpoints and sincerely share our own thoughts, and not be manipulated by fear of being scrutinized by fellow bloggers, or journalists, or being banned by brands who did not receive a favorable review from us.

We've been banned by a number of brands already because of our courage to fight against these goliaths who are obviously guilty of something but chose to use their influence and power to remove us from their list of media or bloggers. If they can order a news blackout, what more of discrediting bloggers who are just relaying the truth behind current issues.

Wazzup Pilipinas will continue with our advocacy of informing the people of what's good and bad for society. Bloggers who only share stories of good news do not reflect the complete truth. The world deserves only our honest opinions, and expects us to also share the darker and less flattering stories. When you blog of only the brighter side of life, you fool the people in thinking we are living in a perfect world. There is no such thing as a flawless world.

We will never fear the "goliaths" who continue to brainwash us with their junk services and products. We will commend the real individuals, or groups, who deserve more of our support than overrated mainstream garbage that keeps on dumbing down the masses with their ludicrous "tele-serye" that gives nothing but refurbished story lines pimped by popular stars, or noontime shows that only lures people to watch because of the promise of a small fortune from getting a prize from a contest or giveaway.

It is about time we focus on the real celebrities of our country - the performers who have real talent, the scientists and inventors who deserve some financing, the artists and creative minds with their vivid imagination, the hardworking startups, entrepreneurs and business owners of MSMEs, etc.

There are better "attractions" out there that deserve our attention and support. We simply have to look beyond the spotlight focused only on showbiz celebrities. I know there is nothing bad with showbiz, but when that's mostly what you offer all throughout the day, then you have to rethink of what you're doing to the country as a whole.

Now I only see people venting out their frustrations online on the many social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Online is where people find the courage to speak against an individual, a group or even the government. Since there's still no solid and concrete law implemented for anybody to go after you, many would resort to bashing, mocking and other forms of bullying. 

It is a very sad state we are into right now, and the bloggers who know the real purpose of a blog, can become the new superheroes who can bring back the happy days.

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