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Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center of Marikina Tour

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In the absence of actual travel, they used to say reading books, magazines or newspapers is the most affordable, fastest and easiest way to learn more about different destinations, cultures, traditions and other worthwhile stuff about our country and the world.

However, in these times when books are quickly being replaced by online content from blogs and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and so many others, publications of traditional media outfits have immediately embraced the impending death of the printed form of publication and has incorporated their own online version to keep up with the times. They have now invested heavily on the management of online content to support their printed materials. Whether they publicly admit it or not, they are destined to die sooner than expected. Nothing can stop us from evolving and developing towards the more reasonable ways.

The Internet now rules when it comes to online promotion and presence since most of us just Google search for information using our Internet-connected smartphones and the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity almost everywhere. From coffee shops to hotels, to malls and even government offices, the Internet has become no longer a luxury but a necessity for everyone, that they are all offering Internet connectivity for free.

Though most book buyers these days just purchase books to add to their personal home library collection, some would still say reading the actual book remains somewhat therapeutical. There is simply the incomparable feeling of flipping the actual pages of a book that would never comes close to swiping or tapping away from our smartphones or tablets.

The development of this trend is not only beneficial to the survival of our trees as we would no longer have to cut them down just to print paper for the publication, but it also made information to be effectively shared to the most number of people possible. Thus the words "viral" and "trending" has become an "IN" terminology that forever changed the way we send and receive information.

This is probably why there is now what they call a Book Museum cum Ethnology Center. Where else would these quickly decaying publications finally reside but at a museum - to be preserved and protected so that the next generation would still be able to see them when they are totally gone from this world.

The museum, a collection from the travels of its owner, Atty. Dominador Buhain, also added an Etnology Center, as books are not the only objects that could fully immerse the traveler into the real world out there. There are the actual items used in the practice of each group of people's faith, culture and tradition. We would see how people basically evolved with their manners, ways and thinking from the many artifacts seen at the Ethnology Center.

What is great about the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center is that it offers us a variety of learning that could never be found anywhere else. The owner was blessed in having so many opportunities to explore, discover, and collect these artifacts and generously shares them for the whole world to see.

The huge painting by Renowned Visual Artist Leo Aguinaldo from Baguio city to serve as the fa├žade of the Book Museum depicts the Philippines as well as the domestic and global evolution of printing and publishing. The complex has three buildings, one with three floors of which the first floor which provide spaces for the display of artifacts which include those emanating from the Muslims and other indigenous tribes of the Archipelago. The second (2nd) and third (3rd) Floors are for lease as a Ladies' Dormitory to help sustain the operation of the complex. The smaller second (2nd) building on the right is inspired by a Kosovo mosque as sen from its design on its rooftop, and houses collections from the Cordillera region.
The management team of the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center even made the experience more interesting by packaging the tour of their place with some foodie adventure so they could even promote Marikina as a whole.

The wall immediately at the back of the Book Museum highlights the colorful landmarks of Marikina City as designed and executed by the Angono artists using cement

If you are wondering why there is a huge marble foot at the center of the museum, the foot is placed there as a symbol of the owner’s aspiration to travel.

What can you find at the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center? Not only can you find the smallest book in the world, they have the first edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and a miniature book collection of William Shakespeare’s works. For their Ethnology Center, they even have a special building dedicated solely for their Cordillera collection of artifacts.

As you can see, the collection is crowded already at their present location. The complex really warrants an expansion.

It is nightmarish to find out that there was a time when men are judged by how many heads of their enemies they can cut off and flaunt as trophies.

This small house of elaborate and exquisite design is what will strike you most as you enter the building containing the Cordillera region collection.

I took special attention to this seemingly chess piece of artifact. I would love to have one as a collection.

The magnificent spherical containers display the many artifacts that were sourced put from the Cordillera region.

These are just some of what makes us so proud that a fellow Filipino has made efforts to share his collection with us. The owner travelled to total of 221 out of 325 countries/islands/ independent territories based on Travelers' Century Club list making him one of the most travelled men in Asia.And since his collection is continuously growing as he continues his travels, they already have plans of expanding the place into a bigger and better museum. Though they already have another establishment at another place, the collection you see at the both establishments is just a small portion. majority of the collection are still at the home of the owner himself, thus a bigger venue is in the works.

Below are just some of the awesome artifacts that can be found at the Book Museum:

It's not my first time to see the owner as I've encountered him before during my research of significant people who have been making a difference in our country. Atty. Dominador Buhain is one of the few eccentrics who has the passion to go beyond the traditional way of life.

The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center has partnered with prime restaurants like Greg and Sally's Tree Garden Cafe and Bubba Lab to offer a more attractive since Marikina, aside from being the shoe capital of the Philippines, is also a popular destination for foodies who want to discover gastronomic delights within a neighborhood or community filled with fabulous food finds.

Before the actual Book Museum cum Ethnology Center tour started, we first had a sumptuously filling lunch at Greg and Sally's Tree Garden Cafe and an equally delightful merienda at Bubba Lab afterwards. I will tell more about the two restaurants we visited, and our fabulous dining experience, on separate blog posts each so we could better showcase their place and food specialties.

Special thanks to Jorzell Virtucio and Sherleen Bautista of The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center for inviting us to this amazing and one-of-a kind tour. They are the first in Asia so we should be very proud of this tour destination.
The Entrance fee to the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center is only P100/head. Monday-Sunday, 9am-4pm but guided tours starts every 9am | 10:30 | 1pm | 3pm. They accept walk in guest but it is highly suggested to call them beforehand.
They offer discount for schools (min. of 50 people) and barkada (min. of 15 people) tour. They are also open for events.

Aside from the tour inside The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center, reading books in their reading corners or research may be allowed upon additional payment of twenty five pesos (P25.00) each.

Contact them at (02) 570-4449 | to reserve time slot for guided tour!

Address: 127 Dao St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City (near C&B Mall and Kapitan Moy Elementary School)

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