Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

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"I believe in family, & I'll protect them, no matter what."

That's what Captain America is fighting for in the movie so being Bucky as his long-time friend even before he met Tony Stark and the others, I guess he made the choice of protecting the Winter Soldier rather than taking sides with Iron Man. 

But teh tiyle Civil War may be to exaggerated because it's merely a war between a small group which escalated just because they caused havoc and chaos within the city.

"I'm sorry Tony you know I wouldn't do this if i had any other choice.... but he's my friend.."

"So was I..."
Will Captain America win against Iron man? Is it because of the fact that the main character should not lose in his own movie? However, there are some movies where the hero loses, for several creative reasons that would make him, or the movie (or the story), look better. But, I wouldn't want to spoil so I will never tell who wins.

But do I really need to spell it out when it's a bit obvious?

But imagine how if Cap loses, though. In his own movie. I like the realism in that idea, and how you know, not everything is so cliché about it, because the main hero might not "live happily ever after", or "save the day".  The marvel cinematic industry is known for its tempering with comic book story lines.
Will Iron Man's side win? In the comics, Cap gets killed and Bucky (The Winter Solider) takes his place as Captain America to honor his fallen friend. But for sure it's not exactly the same as in the comics... that would be too predictable for many! They wont go with the comic book story line because that story line doesn't build up well for Infinity War. The ugly truth is that no one will win.

It is pretty much a given that Cap wins since Chris Evans already set to return in Avenger 3 (and willing to do more movies). Announcing those multi movie deals tends to spoil things a little.

I see this movie as just being a huge build up for Captain America since hes been voted many times as the least favorite Avenger.

By the way, everyone is talking about Captain and Iron Man but can we acknowledge Black Panther's debut!

Also, anyone else see the hint?

Republicans & Democrats? Republicans are Tony stark, Democrats are Captain America...DIVIDED WE FALL. Also the fact that this movie is called "Civil War" goes to show Hollywood entertainment might be foreshadowing America's future, with all the political bull crap happening right now. 

Yes, I know this is from a Marvel story line, but has it ever crossed your mind that a lot of these things are written out for the future? I don't see the world getting any better with what's currently happening, I mean Turkey just shot down a Russian fighter jet that was in above Syrian ground.

On a serious note, is this movie be as good as the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie...or should I rephrase that to it as bad as the BvS movie?

I have to say it's beyond comparison as the two movies are entirely different to be compared. Just watch it for yourself and you be the judge.

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