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Contaminated Coca-Cola or Coke Products: Not Isolated Cases, Complainants Offered Two Cases of Softdrinks in Exchange

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EXCLUSIVE: We have an exclusive Video Interview with a victim of contaminated softdrink. Inside the unopened 1 litter bottle of @Royal Tru Orange softdrink is an X.O. Coffee Candy wrapper.
This is alarming as this is not an isolated case. There were others who communicated with us about their own cases where they found unwanted objects in their softdrink bottles and we will also soon interview them.

Another woman called our attention via Facebook message that she also has a contaminated Coke product where similar a candy wrapper can be found. I still have to schedule an interview with her.

Reports keep coming in from other people as well. We will collect all of these interviews and give you updates soon.

These are very new cases as they reveal that the discovery only happened recently. This is not my first time to hear about dirty softdrink bottles where foreign objects where found inside, so the public should be warned about the safety and health hazard in drinking softdrinks that are obviously unsafe to consume aside from the negative effects they give to our over-all health.

More news and videos soon here at

There may have been others that tried to persuade us from sharing this news because they owe the brand some sort of "utang na loob" mainly because they have been sponsored or have been invited at the brand's events.

They are discouraging us to put this issue online. I beg to disagree with that suggestion.

Complainants reveal Coca-Cola representatives offering them two cases of softdrinks in exchange of getting the softdrink bottle, apparently for checking on their part. But the complainants prefer to have them checked by the FDA or Food and Drug Authority.

About the interviews with the complainants who discovered the contaminated Coca-Cola products like the Royal Tru Orange softdrink containing a candy wrapper inside, we personally saw it and checked for any tampering. It was still sealed and intact.

We are scheduling another interview with a 2nd complainant who found a similar object inside a Coke bottle this time. Expect photos and videos too.

Please bear in mind that we are not after any "Likes" on our blog or social media accounts, or even aiming to create panic to our readers.

The complainants confirmed that they made efforts to communicate with Coca-Cola Cola representatives but they only offered them two cases of softdrinks in exchange of the contaminated softdrink, and when the complainants refused because they want to personally submit it for checking to FDA, Coke stopped communicating with them. The complainants even showed us their communication trail with Coke reps, and presented us with names of Coke representatives.

The complainants would like a more concrete and substantial action and to warn the public that such dangers and health hazards exist when consuming softdrinks. Something that has been kept elusive and would always die down as an issue, even though there have been previous reports of similar incidents.

We are just helping as they personally asked for our assistance. It's the best thing to do when all other efforts seemed futile.

To be fair with Coca-Cola, we have always tagged them in our shout outs. However, we never heard any comments from them to dispute or make a statement about the issues.

Our challenge to Coke:

1. Meet with us and the complainants to discuss about this

2. Arrange for an investigation to find out how this happened - ocular to the bottling plants, visit to the stores where the products were bought, etc. immediately after.

3. Arrange for a testing with the Food and Drug Authority immediately after.

4. Announce their findings publicly through media outfits..

5. In every activity, it has to be in the presence of a third party that has a say to the legalities that the brand is obligated to follow and be penalized with.

We will post the videos as soon as possible. You may check it soon at

More photos will be uploaded also at

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