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Duterte Camp, UPLB Student, and What People Believe

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Do you get bashed when you point out the weaknesses of Duterte's campaign, and get the same treatment when you point out its strengths?

Presidential candidate and former Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte attended a transparency forum at the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos campus on Friday, March 11. However, the students were disappointed he entertained only four questions, and was criticized for not giving concrete and straight answers.

The UPLB student asked a loaded question, and didn't wait for an answer because he wanted to hear the solutions directly without all the "palabok" or flowery ad libs. Was the student ignorant of circumlocution and just wanted to embarrass a candidate? We all want these political candidates to cut to the chase and just state their actual plans attached to their glorious promises.

Did the UPLB student disrespect Duterte?

The campaign leaders and Duterte himself have an obligation to disown and publicly reject the hooliganism of some of its supporters. We should be seeing a lot of disowning from every presidentiable PR team online with the way mud is flowing online. Duterte-die-hards are offensive, but don't single out Duterte here. Other bets are also doing shit.

The culture of fear is a key element of Duterte's political "success" in Davao. Will it work for the entire country. But with the reactions of these so-called die-hard fans even to a point of threatening to kill the student is over the top, and could be the consequence of a leader who advocates killing criminals without due process of the law as moral and logical. 

However, a Duterte camp spokesman called on the Duterte supporters to "exercise civility": and told them that they should "Fight the system, not fellow Filipinos."

"(In reaction to the apology issued by Duterte Camp Spokesperson Peter Lavina) I'd rather Duterte say it himself. A friendly advise for the mayor: Your followers take their cues from YOU, sir. Hope this opens your eyes to the reality that once "killing" is bandied so easily, the end result is people thinking human life is cheap, disposable. Salamat po." - Inday-Espina Varona

"PATOLA. A kid speaks his mind and the internet explodes; criticizing him for being too incisive to the point of being disrespectful. Talk about respect. These are the same people who wants to be respected even if thy adhere to the policy of killing people without due process, or believes that cursing His Holiness is not rude... and if you don't believe them they will bully you (see comments below). I doubt if the kid is over 20. Just like him we were kids once... but some still act like kids as if age failed to mature them. In 3,2,1... fire away" - Moses Florendo

"I made a quick FB search just to see the extent of this bullying by Duterte supporters. And apparently, it is now going beyond harsh words against Stephen Villena and UPLB. I saw two FB pages already, one is seemingly wishing for the kid's death. One person even searched for his number and shared it in a pro-Duterte group. Guys, okay lecture the student for his arguably "rude" behavior in a public forum. Express your opinions about how he lacks respect. Show your support to your candidate all you want (even though he has been publicly rude a couple of times and disrespected the Pope). But please, do not harass the kid. Bullying him won't get you anywhere. Like I said in a previous post, the way the lot of you are responding now only shows the quality of many Duterte supporters and gives us a preview of what it can be like to be a dissenting voice if your candidate ever becomes president. So please, stop the bullying. Let's try to discuss the issues calmly and with respect to each other. Otherwise, you are all preaching against your own behavior." - Kevin Mandrila

"Dear Public,

A candidate can be rude and that's okay?
A rabid fan can be rude and that's okay?
And student who patiently waited hours for his turn to ask a question that is relevant to his vote and future can't be rude?
Why do you always have double standards?
And please, can you ask someone to ask him his thoughts about West Philippine Sea versus South China Sea?
PS: I hope you won't cyberbully that someone and threat his courage, life and future."

"I agree, the UPLB student's delivery of his question was all over the place. But, if he threw that question to Binay or Mar, he'd be regarded a social media hero. Unfortunately for him it was for Duterte and now he is FB shamed. I will eventually decide either for Duterte or Miriam but I won't become a rabid and blind follower na lahat na lng OA maka react. Also, Donald Trump threatening violence against anti-Trump rallies and his rabid supporters defends him "that is just how Donald speaks his mind" haha sounds familiar. But kudos to both candidates for rocking the political establishment." - Marky Ramone Go

"I saw the video of that student (I intend not to mention the school since he acted independently). Iho, brilliance is not an entitlement, it's earned through good gestures. If you're smart, then deliver your sensible opinions and not through drama." - Jeoff Solas

"Amused by Duterte supporters trolling the UPLB student who asked a tough question. Duterte should be able to handle any tough question. And we expect tough questioning from UPLB students." - Tonyo Cruz

"When Duterte disrespects the Human Rights of accused criminals by promising to not give them a fair trial, people applaud him. When Duterte disrespects Women ingeneral by promoting sexual harrassment, people commend him for being honest. When Duterte disrespects Catholicism by cursing the Pope, people defend him. On the other hand, Duterte gets disrespected for making a fool out of the students by giving vague and indirect answers to their questions and his supporters go batshit crazy! What a bunch of hypocrites!" - Never Again

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