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Pradera Verde Summerfest: The Fun Summer Adventure Begins Now (Part 1 of Many)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Summer is early at Pradera Verde as we were recently invited to join the Pradera Verde Summerfest. Together with celebrities and media friends, the organizers arranged a special challenge for us similar to the Amazing Race challenges involving speed, wisdom and teamwork.

To break the news immediately, I would like to proudly announce, and flaunt, already that our team won the challenge so all seven of us in the team got to bring home our own GoPro Hero 4 Silver! Yippeee!!!

Incidentally, we called our group Team GoPro, and luckily, we were destined to win the GoPro grand prize. I would like to thank my team for all the effort and determination especially to our team leader who was even waiting for me as I desperately try to run, even when I was running out of breath and lagging behind. He was concerned that I might suffer a heart attack or a heat stroke because of the scorching heat of the sun. We were actually dehydrated already so thank you for the bottled waters at every challenge area.

But that's just part of the amazing experience we enjoyed at Pradera Verde where their wakepark was the prime attraction. The challenged happened on the second day so it might be best if I start this story on the first day and post a continuation on a separate blog because this may be too long to share oin just one blogpost. The three day event was a very memorable experience especially for me now that my dream action camera is now in my hands.

The Pradera Verde is a huge 350 hectare property, and the current Wakepark - 1 professional and 3 for beginners wakeboarding areas, and an ongoing 18-hole golf course being completed, is only 34 hectares. Soon they will add a Waterpark, currently undergoing construction and estimated to be completed within the year.

I also got some information that this area might soon be the Disneyland of the Philippines. Wow! That's something to look forward to in the near future and hopefully everything will push through as plan to bring the Philippines further known globally as a preferred destination for both local and foreign tourists.

We started our day right at our meet-up point at Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Cafe located at the Icon Plaza building in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Tagig. It's the building where the famous image of an astronaut drawn sideways can be found beside the free space where the Mercato Centrale food night market is also being held every weekend. The building is right opposite The Fort so the place is definitely easy to find if you frequent BGC.

Our yummy breakfast was served on a big plate, and our drinks was freshly squeezed fruit drinks. I had the bagnet rice meal and lemonade, while my new-found media friends tried the rest of the breakfast offerings. We also requested for one order of pancakes so all four of us can share it. All of us also ordered coffee while waiting for the others who have not arrived yet.

I would love to show you the cool restaurant interiors but I will put that on a separate blog post to avoid flooding this one.

Our transport service was Froehlich Tours tourist bus. It was the same provider of our transportation requirement when we went on our Pampanga restaurant tour. We used a van before and this time the huge air-conditioned tourist bus with elevated seats was a very comfy two-hour ride. You'll see on our video that the interiors of the bus where I almost forgot the seats were elevated. In my hurry to get off from the bus, I lost my balance thinking the floors where at the same level as the seats.

Our first day at Pradera Verde was mostly chill time as we arrived in the middle of the day just in time for a buffet lunch. After we were welcomed with a complimentary ice cold drink, a bag tag and an ID at the reception area, we proceeded directly to the second floor for lunch.

A cute girl named Hannah was our host all throughout the three days. She welcomed the guests along with Gil Velasco Jr, the General Manager of Pradera Verde. I have a short video message from him so please watch out for that within the videos we will be uploading soon.

It was free time after lunch so we had plenty of time to rest in our villa room 135, and roam around the area when the sun was almost setting down. The Pradera Verde comound is so huge that you may opt to have the golf carts or shuttles pick you up from your room going to the Pradera Verde Wakepark area, and vice versa. Unless you love walking a lot, the distance can be so tiring if you do it every time.

Our room was huge and has three beds so it's good enough for three people, and maybe more for sharing if they put extra beds. It has all the typical amenities like the a LED television, coffee maker, telephone, a bathroom with a shower area, and other familiar stuff you'll find in a mid-end accommodation.

What also greeted us on top of our beds was a very useful gift from the management with a personalized message written on a piece of card, plus the list of activities for the first day.

Of course, the first thing we checked out was the wakeboarding facilities and we were in luck that Friday had some wakeboarders already working on their tricks or stunts. Wakeboarding seems so easy when you're watching it but it takes special skills to master the sport to perfection. The Pradera Verde Wakepark is a favorite choice of wakerboarders to visit. I've done two video interviews with some of the guests who shared their thoughts about wakeboarding and why they prefer it at Pradera Verde, so please do watch out for it soon.

By the way, on our way here, from inside the bus we also noticed some hot air balloon decors hanging on their light posts. Why? It's because Pradera Verde is also the venue for the Lubao International Balloon Festival which will have its 3rd run on April 14 to 17. Now that's another awesome event that's worth looking forward to this April.

Before the sun finally sets, we were heading back to the wakepark area from our villas where some chill time was arranged so we can get to know our fellow attendees that day. But since many of teh participants were still scheduled to arrive the following day or later that night, there were only a few of us who celebrated that night.

We passed around the other villas and the huge Pradera signage in the moiddle of teh compound. Later the following day, we had some photo ops and selfies there, and it was also the concluding area of our Amazing Race challenge where, again, we emerged as victrious!

The first night was filled with music and cocktails as the  band encouraged everyone to join them jam throughout the night singing their favorites songs on stage. That was a nerve-shocker for us who can't sing so my room mate and I had to shy out towards the back so the lead singer would not notice us. Lol.

The second day will be written on a separate blog post soon so be sure to read that too. I slept late but also woke up early for a time lapse of the sunrise. Now, that's another moment you would want to see too. I actually did two time lapse videos - one for each morning we stayed at Pradera Verde. But I really have to boast about our win especially the GoPro Hero 4 Silver prize. That's an epic win for Team GoPro!!!

Don't miss out on the fun adventure as we further explore the grounds of Pradera Verde.

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